Try out Label an Image Questions!We are covering both the Text Entry and Dropdown versions of the Label an Image Question in this blog post. Each version contains elements of the Text Entry Question and the Dropdown question. The exciting twist on the Label an Image is that the main feature is that teachers can upload an image and challenge students to identify multiple points of that image.

Science teachers, in particular, find this Technology Enhanced question type particularly helpful for encouraging students to demonstrate identification mastery for organisms, cycles, systems, processes, and more. History teachers also appreciate this TEI for assessing student understanding of geography, governmental structures, or other important social studies topics.

If the Label an Image question were a game, it would be equivalent to Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Except, in this case, students are entering the picture with a little more vision. Students are asked to “pin” concepts based on what they see on the image.

While it’s debatable whether Label an Image question type is more fun than Pin the Tail on the Donkey, the TEI certainly brings a new dimension of engagement to an assessment. Having an interactive, image-based question triggers different cognitive functions than a typical Multiple Choice or True or False question. It brightens the assessment and creates a more engaging experience for students, especially visual learners.


Set Up Your Label an Image Question

Start creating your question by uploading an image.

With the Label an Image question, teachers can assess students on their ability to recognize and identify parts of a picture. The process to set up this question type starts with locating an image to upload. Once you have an image, you can upload the image within the question creation interface. From there, type the answers into the left answer entry area and place the correct answers at the proper location on the image. Whether you are have chosen the Text Entry version or Dropdown version of the question will influence your next steps. You can learn how to create Dropdown or Text Entry on our YouTube Channel.


Dropdown vs. Text Entry


Whether to use the Label an Image Dropdown version or Text Entry version of the question type mostly depends on what level of difficulty you’d like to make the question. With Dropdown, students have options to select from. There is no need to worry about spelling or to recall answer options out of the air. Text entry, on the other hand, requires recalling the terminology for the picture and understanding how to properly spell the term.


Next Steps


Try It Out: Experience what it’s like to answer Edulastic’s Label an Image questions.

Learn More: Watch our 1 minute tutorials to learn how to create the Dropdown and  Text Entry Label an Image Question Types.

Get Started: Log into your Edulastic account to start making your own Label an Image question.

This Label an Image post is a part of our Featured Question Types series.
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