The author, Janet Kelly teaches grade 5 mathematics at East Haddem Public Schools in Connecticut. 

By Janet Kelly

The use of digital assessments is an integral part of the instructional process within my fifth grade mathematics classroom.  Edulastic has multiple purposes within the instructional process and empowers my students to try and try again!  Edulastic also provides me with immediate feedback in real time.

“I begin the year using a sample assessment so the students can see what I see.”

I begin the year using a sample assessment so the students can see what I see. I take time to teach students how to redirect assessments for themselves and each other using my dashboard. This builds our team development as well as the growth mindset that we can try and try again, that it doesn’t matter where we start, what matters is how we grow!  Assessments are used for homework and in-class assignments.

I create assessments based on CCSS for mathematics.  I am able to easily choose the standards I wish to assess from the menu on the left when creating an assessment.  I generally keep the question count low for each assignment so I can zero in on the depth of understanding within each class as well as for each individual child.

The Express Grader helps to show who is understanding the concepts and what misconceptions exist.

For in-class assignments, I can easily see if a child is struggling and can provide immediate assistance.  I can also see who’s “got it” and who is “getting it”.

Students are taught how to review their work upon completion of an assignment. Edulastic provides students with their progress immediately.  Students are learning to use the information given to them by reviewing the solutions. I love the “show correct answer” feature as it is a great tool to help students process and learn the mathematics. Sometimes seeing the correct answer helps them to understand why that is the correct answer.


Edulastic is also a great tool for differentiating instruction. I create assessments using the supporting standards for struggling students.  I also differentiate for students who are ready to take on a greater challenge.


The feedback that is given to both the students and myself is amazing, and has truly helped to foster a growth mindset approach to learning math!


About the Author

I am a 20 year veteran in education and have taught mathematics from Kindergarten all the way through High School!  In addition, I have worked as a district mathematics and science coordinator for K-8, held the position of enrichment specialist 6-8, and worked as a mathematics specialist for K-5.  I have experience and training in a wide variety of educational professional development with highlights in differentiated instruction, data teams, positive school climate, PLC’s and SRBI.  After holding the position of 7th grade mathematics teacher for the last four years in East Haddam, CT, I will embark this year on the wonderful journey of teaching 5th grade mathematics for East Haddam!

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