Oftentimes an education technology conference seems to have the sound but not the substance of change for classrooms. This was not the case at ISTE 2014. With the advent of the Bammy Awards, Edtech companies have re-focused their efforts from designing cutting-edge products to designing usable classroom tools. What has brought about such a change in process? I hesitate to make a sweeping generalization for all edtech companies, so I’ll give you some insight into Edulastic (which, in my unbiased opinion, is the epitome of educational technology synergy).

For those of you new to Edulastic, we are a formative assessment platform. We have put education at the forefront of our innovation efforts. As both the mind and heart of our organization, education informs our practice, while inspiring us to continue building. We have intensified our focus on Common Core (CCSS), because that is an area of pain for administrators, teachers, students, and parents, and we hope to alleviate that pain. The rollout of CCSS seems to have steam-rolled many, and so we’ve added former educators to our team that were CCSS pioneers in Philadelphia and Washington D.C.

By doing the heavy lifting of aligning curriculum to CCSS, we are hoping educators can keep focused on their students, and not have to trudge through the muddy territory of new standards and new testing. You certainly don’t want to teach to the test, so let us help you design instructional activities that build your students’ capacities. Sure the technology sounds great, but does it have the educational substance you need? You be the judge. And while you’re judging, check out our Founder’s interview with Bam! Radio after winning a Top 50 Edtech Resources of 2014 award at ISTE.

Here’s our COO, & Co-found, Satish Kumar, speaking about Edulastic at ISTE 2014