Announcing a new iteration of the Edulastic Innovator Team! Since 2014, Edulastic has always been guided by the feedback and advice of educators. The educators on the Edulastic Innovator Team have always been a key part of the equation that drives our mission; they pilot new Edulastic tools, lead workshops and presentations, guest-write blog posts, and provide vital feedback to help Edulastic continue to improve.

So what’s new now? A few things. For one, In the past, the Innovator team was invitation-only. Now we are opening up the team so that ANYONE can join at any time!! 🎉

Second, once on the team, Innovators now get rewarded for participation, and have the additional opportunity to be a part of the new Coaches and Creators programs. We’ll explain these two new programs momentarily.

Whether you want to become more involved with training others, love to create materials for your students and colleagues, or are just looking to become a part of the larger edtech community, the Innovator team has a place for you.

All About the 2022 Edulastic Innovator Team

Members of the Innovator team are enthusiastic educators, edtech fanatics who are eager to share resources, insider tips and experiences with their peers. Innovators get the inside scoop from the Edulastic team and are the first to know about new updates, fresh content, upcoming events and more.

In addition to access to insider information, Innovators have access to unique opportunities and events. New to 2022, members who participate in activities can accumulate points and earn rewards such as swag and free year subscription of Edulastic Premium!

Anyone can sign up for the Edulastic Innovator team. Teachers, administrators, tech coaches and other educators are all welcome!

Edulastic Innovators have the opportunity to join the Coach or Creator community. We outline what each of these communities are all about below!

Introducing the Edulastic Coaches and Creators Programs

We are excited to offer the new Edulastic Coach and Edulastic Creator programs! Whether on the Innovator Team or on their own accord, there has always been a strong population of educators who like to present on Edulastic or author assessments and lessons. Within these two realms of interest, these programs provide a place of community, recognition, elevation, and project stipends for participating educators. To join the Coaches or Creator program, you must first
be a member of the Edulastic Innovator Team. Members of each program are selected by the Edulastic team after a simple yet thorough application.

Edulastic Coaches
Edulastic Coaches include presenters, speakers, trainers, and generally educators who love to share Edulastic and help others find the benefits and joy of using the platform! Members of the coach community have the opportunity to provide official training(in-person and online) and help educators nationwide become proficient in our tools. Plus, they get the inside scoop on Edulastic updates and are looped into a network of other forward-thinking presenters and edtech leaders!

Edulastic Creators
Edulastic Creators include assessment authors, lesson creators, editors, and compilers of high-quality educational content. Members of the creator community get recognized for their Edulastic assessments and lessons and have the opportunity to contribute to the quality of the Edulastic library in even more ways! On top of that, they join a fantastic network of edtech visionaries who are working to create great resources for themselves, as well as teachers around the country and world!

Think you’ve found your community? Join the Innovator Team and let us know!

How Do I Join?

Sign up below to apply to and join the Edulastic Innovator Team!

If you haven’t already, make sure you join the Edulastic Community Group to connect with even more educators.


Do I have to sign up every year?
Nope! Once you’re on the team, you are set for your entire teaching career. 👍 (If you need to disband from the team, you may simply unsubscribe from the Innovator Team emails, and we’ll take you off the list.)

How much time will I spend doing activities?
You may volunteer for any and all activities that you have time for! There is no minimum participation requirement, however you can earn rewards by participating in more activities.

Can I refer a colleague to the team?
Yes!! There is no longer a limit to how many Innovators are active per school/district.

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