Edulastic Certified AuthorsAs we enter the new year, science teachers will notice a boost in Next Generation Science Standards content. Thanks to our new team of Edulastic Certified science content authors, there will be new, high-quality science content available in the public item bank. Educators anywhere can sign onto Edulastic with their account to find and use the science content with their students.

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The new Edulastic Certified science content authors come from a variety of backgrounds and expertise. We’ve included each of their profiles below so you can get to learn about their diverse experiences and the exciting background knowledge they bring to their work.

Mike VanEngelen


Mike VanEngelen, PhD has a broad, multi-disciplinary background in the physical and biological sciences, having earned a doctorate degree in Chemical and Biological Engineering from Montana State University. His research, parts of which have been published in top environmental science journals, focused on microbial interactions with heavy metals including iron, chromium, and uranium. Mike is a former lecturer for the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department at Gonzaga University (Spokane, WA) where he taught general, organic, and environmental chemistry courses. He and his family recently relocated to St. Louis, MO where Mike is pursuing a career in intellectual property law. Mike is a member of the St. Louis Rowing Club and enjoys competing in regional regattas.

Lindsay Glasner

Lindsay Glasner PictureLindsay Glasner has a B.S. from Cornell University in Natural Resources and Marine Biology and is currently pursuing an Applied M.S. in Natural Resources and Environmental Education at University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. She is passionate about helping students experience authentic science through inquiry, especially within the Life Sciences. She has spent her career in science education at The Cornell Lab of Ornithology creating and editing curriculum aligned to education and Next Generation Science Standards, providing professional development to formal teachers and informal educators, speaking at regional and national conferences, and working directly with educators in the outdoors. She loves what she does and believes that nothing can beat seeing a child have that ‘ah-ha’ moment with science.

John Handel

Content Author John HandelJohn Handel has a B.S. from Rochester Institute of Technology in Mechanical Engineering Technology and is currently pursuing a M.S. in Mechanical Engineering Modeling at Budapest University of Technology and Economics.  Between degrees he taught physics, calculus and chemistry at an international high school in Budapest, Hungary.  As a teacher he spent a great deal of time and thought developing novel assessments. Aside from teaching, John worked as a research and development engineer in Rochester, New York where he developed novel aerogel material and applications. His passion for science and education extends into his many hobbies which include sailing, chess, billiards, and a variety of sports involving bouncing twirling objects.

As you can see, our new science content authors come from a wide variety of expertise, experiences, and all share a passion for science and education. The certified content authors come from the success of our Certified Author Grant for Science Teachers which we opened last fall for applications.

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