Across the country, educators at over 17,000 schools are using Pear Deck to give interactive presentations and engage students. At over 19,000 schools, Educators are using Edulastic to give standards-based assessments that provide instant data on student performance. Together, Pear Deck and Edulastic can power instruction in a way that improves school climate and culture, tracking and improves student progress, and makes your job easier as the teacher. Whether you’re teaching in-person, remote, or hybrid, these powerful resources will help you give engaging lessons and assessments in any scenario.

We learned from innovative educators across the country who use both Pear Deck and Edulastic to power instruction. Watch the livestream below to discover new teaching tactics, engaging ways to support student learning, and other tips and tricks to bring back to your classroom.

In the Classroom with Pear Deck and Edulastic

Webinar Q&A

Q: In adding Pear Deck to my slides, I lose animation. Can I keep the animation?

A: Yes! You will need to have a Pear Deck Power-Up installed, which is a Google Chrome extension.

Q: How receptive are other teachers in your building to using these programs when you bring them to their attention?

A: Some teachers may be reluctant at first to make changes, but once they start to use both programs they jump on board! It’s worth it.

Q: Do we use Pear Deck with Google Slides?

A: If you are a Google Suites school, you can use Pear Deck with Google Slides. If you are Microsoft-based. you can use Pear Deck with Powerpoint online.

Q: How do Pear Deck and Edulastic work together?

A: Pear Deck and Edulastic complement each other nicely. Overall, many educators enjoy using Pear Deck to gather qualitative student data and Edulastic for quantitative data. At the moment the tools do not directly sync with one another. Watch the presentation for more ideas to work with each!

What to Expect in the Webinar

During this webinar, you will hear from three innovative educators who use both Pear Deck and Edulastic in their in-person, remote, and hybrid instruction.

In a year like this one, you never know what your students will need. Laura Dickerson, math improvement specialist, will show how she uses Pear Deck to quickly change the focus of a presentation to meet the needs of the audience. Anne McCluskey, middle school math teacher, will share with you how to use Pear Deck and Edulastic during remote learning to silently work with individual students and address their misconceptions, and identify concepts that need further instruction. And last, but not least, Hong Pun, high school math teacher, will walk you through how he uses Pear Deck to engage students with “Which One Doesn’t Belong” activities to develop student reasoning and explanation skills. Additionally, he will share with you how to use Edulastic’s Scratch Pad, particularly the protractor, in your instruction. By the end of the presentation, you’ll have many new ideas and takeaways to bring to your instruction.

Meet the Featured Presenters

During this event, you’ll learn best practices, workflows, and tips from featured tech-savvy educators who use Edulastic and Pear Deck with their students.

Laura Dickerson
Math Improvement Specialist

Laura is a Math Improvement Specialist for Harrison County Schools in Georgia. Her experience includes a range of courses from remedial high school math to AP statistics, as well as courses at her local technical college. Currently, she uses Edulastic to create common formative assessments in her local school district.

Anne McCluskey
Middle School Math Teacher

I am entering my 11th year as a middle school math teacher in Massachusetts after taking the time to raise my two incredible children. I use Edulastic for both formative and summative assessments allowing me class time to address the whole class misconceptions and individualize student needs/work.

Hong Pun
Middle School Math Teacher

Hong Pun teaches math at Silver Creek High School in San Jose, California for over 15 years. He enjoys uncovering the creative methods students use to solve problems. This year he is looking forward to working with and learning from the enthusiastic Edulastic community.

About Peartember

Peartember is an annual back-to-school celebration hosted by Pear Deck to honor all the educators that make the school year enjoyable and meaningful. Throughout Peartember, Pear Deck hosts special-edition webinars, weekly giveaways, and shares new deck templates, teaching resources, and more! Visit the Peartember website to opt-in for the giveaway fun, and register for their special edition webinars.

This summer Edulastic merged with GoGuardian and Pear Deck to support educators everywhere. Together we are working to put every student on the path to success. We are excited to partner with Pear Deck to host this webinar!