text-entry-sample-videoIn this post we’ll focus on the [Fill in the blank.] Any guesses? That’s right, this week’s focus is the Text Entry Question.

This question type allows teachers the opportunity to ask students to enter the correct answer into a blank space. This open-response question type requires the student to recall the correct answer without the assistance of a word bank.

Two extremely useful options exist for teachers who are setting up the Text Entry question and plan to autograde the assessment. First of all, if a teacher is assigning a text entry response with multiple possible answers, they can indicate the different answer variations. Second, in certain cases, a teacher might want to provide the student flexibility when answering a question. Edulastic allows Teachers to adjust the question’s tolerance level and provide students some lee-way. To do this, teachers can check a box that will allow tiny spelling errors or another box that will ignore whether the entered text is capitalized or not. Unless proper grammar and avoiding typos is the focus, these tools are extremely helpful and enable the Text Entry question to be properly autograded.

The question type is optimal for all subjects including English, Social Studies, Science, Math. *It is suggested not to use this question type for answer keys which are numerical or non- numerical expressions. For those types of questions you’ll want to use the Advanced Numeric question type.

Try It Out: Experience what it’s like to answer Text Entry questions.

Learn More: Read the tutorial on how to author Text Entry , watch the 1 minute tutorial, or view the question in action in our Multipart TEI post.

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The Text Entry question is a part of our Featured Question Types series.
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