The share with others screen of Edulastic.

Did you know Edulastic’s library contains over 74K assessments and 500K items? Many are shared by Edulastic educators like you! Sharing is caring when it comes to formative assessments around here, which is why we encourage everyone to share an assessment they’ve created that they’ve found helpful for their students. If everyone shared one assessment publicly to the library today, there’d be over one million more questions for you to choose from — wow!

How to share assessments in Edulastic

Sharing assessments in Edulastic is easy: 

  1. First, log in to your Edulastic account and navigate to the test library. 
  2. Then, select the tab titled “Created by me.” (Note: Only published assessments can be shared. More on that later!) 
  3. Locate the assessment you’d like to share and select “More” followed by the share icon next to the title of the assessment. 
  4. From there, you have several sharing options. To allow educators around the world to view and use your assessment, select the “everyone” option and share. 

Want to share an unpublished assessment? Just select the “Edit” button on the assessment you wish to publish from your “Created by me” tab. Select the publish icon (the paper plane) in the top right corner, where you’ll then be able to edit your sharing options.  

An example of a successfully published assessment.
An example of what the share page should look like after you hit “publish.”

Tips for sharing your assessments

Help other educators easily find your helpful content with these best practices for sharing your assessments:

  • Use a descriptive title for clarity and to help teachers easily find your content 
  • Tag standards to your questions
  • Include a description to help people know what the assessment is about 
  • Double-check the assessment for accuracy and from a student’s view 
  • Add a custom assessment image to help it stand out

But wait — there are more ways to share! 

Sharing assessments isn’t the only way to share in Edulastic. Check out this overview on some more ways you can use Edulastic features to share and collaborate with colleagues, fellow educators, administrators, and more.

Edulastic is proud to offer a public assessment library and item bank for educators to share and discover valuable content. It takes time to create questions and assignments from scratch, and that’s why we know teachers appreciate being able to share resources that will help them achieve common teaching goals. This is a great opportunity to collaborate, as well as give your old assessments more life or share an assignment you are proud of!

Happy sharing!