Edulastic Question Authoring Videos

Edulastic Question Authoring Videos

We know you’ve been waiting for this moment and it’s finally here! 

We’ve put together succinct yet highly informational videos that cover the authoring process for all of Edulastic’s 29 tech-enhanced question types.

These videos provide you with a quick description, pedagogical value, and all the knowledge you’ll need to craft stellar formative assessments.

Without further ado here they are!

Question Type Features

Edulastic Features

Traditional Questions

Multiple Choice

True or False

Multiple Selection

Labeling Questions

Drag and Drop

Label an Image (Drop Down)

Label an Image (Text)

Number-Based Questions

Advanced Numeric

Numeric Entry w/ Units

Expression Evaluator

Cloze Matrix

Cloze (Formula)

Fraction Editor

Grouping Questions


Match the Following


Matching Tables

Word-Based Questions

Text Entry

Text Drop Down

Essay Type

Passage Based

Sentence Response


Graphing Questions

Line Plot

Number Line

Range Plotter

Graph Plotter

Graph Placement



Now that you know how to use the question types—test them out in the Edulastic app!