Sample Classification Questions

The Classification Question Type is dynamic! When a student comes across a Classification question in an exam, they simply need to drag and drop answers from a left-hand item bank and into the correct category to complete the question.

The Classification Question Type is one of Edulastic’s Technology Enhanced Items It’s coveted by ELA, science, math, and history teachers. The TEI challenges students to categorize items by examining a selection of items and sorting those items into buckets. On an exam, a science teacher might want students to categorize a list of animals by the habitat they live in. A math teacher might want students to sort a list of numbers by whether they are rational or irrational. The possibilities are endless.

All Classification questions consist of an item bank. The item bank might have words or pictures. Students then drag the items under the column header that they find appropriate. The Classification question can be graded automatically like most of Edulastic’s Question Types, (the exceptions being essay questions and text response questions of course) which saves time for teachers.

While the process for answering a Classification question is simple and straightforward, some teachers will add additional rules in the text that say “The box will expand as you add additional items to each category. Make sure to consider ALL of the items in the left side item box.” This ensures that students don’t feel limited or restricted by what they see. Any or all items may be included and the size of the category box doesn’t dictate how many items belong.

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