Google Classroom Grade Sync with Edulastic

Educators using Edulastic and GSuite for Education will be happy to hear our latest update. A click of a button now allows Google Classroom grade sync and export from Edulastic. This will streamline grade processing and allows both teachers and students to view grades directly in Google Classroom. Teachers can also easily export grades into Google Sheets for easy viewing and access.

Here’s how it works

With the click of a button, Google Classroom Grade Sync is ready to go. In the Manage Class section select the “Sync with Google” button. A window will pop-up that asks for permission for Google Classroom and Edulastic to connect with one another so the data can be shared, and thus can sync for you. After accepting, you’re done! The sync will automatically occur.

This connection is yet another way to make your life easier as an educator. By having an additional option for transferring and viewing grades, you can save time and focus on the parts of teaching that you enjoy best.

For more information see the FAQs below or visit the Edulastic Knowledge Base article on Google Grade sync.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are all grades automatically synced?

A. Grades automatically are transfered over to your Google gradebook unless you have chosen not to release scores right away. Student scores are only released and shared with your Google account once you have chosen to do so.

Q. Can I redirect an assessment and then have it re-scored in Google?

You can still redirect an assessment through Edulastic. Once you redirect the assignment you can track student progress. The new score will appear in the Google Classroom gradebook once the student submits the reassigned assessment.

Check out more FAQs in the Edulastic Knowledge Base.

Teachers nationwide use Edulastic and Google Classroom together.