If you’re ready to access high-quality premium assessments, classroom activities, and skills practice, Edulastic’s Spark content bundles have you covered.

In recent years, Edulastic worked together with a team of teachers, item writing experts, and assessment specialists to create and offer Spark. Edulastic has been rolling out Spark because finding reliable standards-tied assessments, practice, lessons, and item banks doesn’t need to be hard. With Spark, curriculum coaches, assessment directors, and teachers can browse, access, and deliver high-quality premium content to students. 

If you’re ready to access premium assessments, classroom activities, and skills practice, look no further, Edulastic’s Spark content bundles have you covered. Spanning all subjects and grades, Spark gives you and your colleagues’ pools of questions, assessments, and lessons to work with for benchmarks, formatives, summative assessments, and beyond.

Spark, provided exclusively by Edulastic, comes with all the great features that Edulastic provides for online learning, and more. While Spark bundles vary in nature from subject to subject, they all offer assessment content to help you and your teacher colleagues guide instruction. Here’s what each bundle has in common:

  • Organized into playlists for easy browsing and delivery
  • Searchable, standards-aligned supplemental resources 
  • 90% of questions automatically grade, saving you time and energy (The other 10% include higher-level thinking questions that demand an open response)
  • Created and reviewed by a team of subject matter experts
  • Customizable assessments to suit the needs of your class. 

Spark covers the following general subject areas:

Anyone with an Edulastic account can easily preview and test out Spark to see if it’s a good fit. Log in or sign-up for your free account, and then hop over to your subscription page in your to activate a free trial.

Read on to learn more about each individual Spark bundle available within these subjects.

Spark for Math Educators

When students need more math practice, SparkMath can help! With SparkMath it’s easy to give self-paced learning or simply have practice work or assessments lined up and ready to go. With the click of a button, students access the math problems and start working through the questions. Since it’s hosted on Edulastic, you’ll be able to see the students’ progress in real-time. 

SparkMath offers practice work for grades K through 12 that complements general and popular math curricula such as Eureka Math, Go Math!, Illustrative Math. The practice work is organized in curriculum-based playlists for easy distribution and each question is tied to standards, which helps the teacher see whether students are on track or need more support with a topic. 

Once a student finishes their practice assessment, SparkMath uses technology to automatically suggests what a student ought to work on next. This clears out the guessing and analysis work for the teacher and makes the next steps for instruction and practice easy. It also helps the teacher give targeted practice or remediation for students who need that extra help and support.

SparkMath features:

  • More than 1,250 pre-built assignments
  • Differentiated math practice
  • DOK levels 1-3

Once activated, you’ll find the SparkMath modules in the Playlist Library, ready to assign and organized by curricula. 

Learn more about SparkMath

Spark for ELA Educators

Never mind searching for passages, pulling together poems and questions, and proofreading assessments, Spark has you covered! For English Language Art educators, Spark bundles give you the tools, practice, and assessments that will help guide students with reading development, comprehension, vocabulary, and beyond! 

Here’s what’s available for ELA educators at all grade levels:


Organized by lexile levels, SparkReading features passage-based questions which require students to interpret text and respond to prompts. Passages span topics from STEM to current events, poems, short stories, and magazine articles. 


Support emergent readers. Great for K-3rd grade, these diagnostic assessments and picture-heavy questions will help students grow as readers.


Get help teaching the book with chapter quizzes, vocabulary, and writing prompts.  The SparkBooks book list includes over 26 popular novels including I am Malala by Malala Yousafzai, House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros, To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare, The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck. 

View the full book list and learn more about SparkReading

Spark for Science Educators

Science is one of those topics where it’s great to get hands-on, dive into labs and simulations, and solve real-world problems. At the same time, it’s important to touch base with students and make sure they are on track with the knowledge they’re supposed to pick up! For science educators, Edulastic offers SparkScience for K-12, SparkAP Biology, and SparkAP Chemistry. 

  • Elementary, Middle, and High School
  • More than 1k items, organized by DCI and also Performance Standard
  • NGSS-Aligned Questions
    • Claim Evidence Reasoning Tasks
    • NGSS Style Questions
    • Traditional Questions

Learn more about SparkScience

Spark for Computer Science Educators

SparkCS (Computer Science) provides computer science educators with a large computer science assessment library.  Topics cover online safety, privacy and cyberbullying; fundamentals of coding; and basic to advanced programming skills. 

Spark CS features:

  • Grades 1-12
  • Activities from basic to advanced
  • Thousands of questions
  • Each item is aligned with CSTA and/or AP CS standards

Learn more about SparkCS

How to try and how to buy

Spark is brand new this year and we are offering free trials so you can discover how great of a fit it is for you. To access, go to your Profile, click on Subscription, select what you’d like to test drive, and then dive into your 2 week free trial. 

The subscriptions run yearly and are 12 months with a paid premium account. 

Sign into your account and visit your subscription page to get access to your free Spark trial, to purchase spark, and to begin using Spark with your students. 

Supercharge Your Instruction with Spark

As an educator, you carry a lot on your shoulders already. Make your year easier and lean on Spark. Spark is crafted to assist you with your instruction and do the heavy lifting when it comes to authoring, assembling, or curating high-quality content that you can trust.  

With Spark you can easily find and deliver assessments and questions to your students.

You’ll save time, you’ll easily be able to track standards mastery, and with the insights and reports, ensuring students are getting the guidance they need to excel will be straightforward. Supercharge your instruction with Spark on your side, and get ready for a great year ahead.