When you go to introduce Edulastic to your class for the first time, like anything new, starting small is the way to go.  Giving your students a “lighter” version of an assessment— something fun and enjoyable— has shown to be successful for Edulastic users.

Introducing Edulastic is #fun!

Introduce Edulastic in a fun way to create a smoother experience.

As we train new schools on Edulastic we often come across the scenario where the teachers we are training this week are giving district-wide assessments to their classes next week.  Although our students are tech savvy and will most likely make it through, jumping into the deep end— with a test that counts—  adds too many variables to the students’ performance.  

Instead, we like to start off with a short practice assignment that covers a variety of question types.  Ideally, the assignment includes 5-10 simple trivia questions that the students take in class. They can work individually or in pairs to log in, answer the questions and see their scores.  The first time they log in is an ideal time for this exercise.  Logging in and taking the assessment without any pressure can lead to smoother student experiences on first assessments.

It may be the case that your launch is out of your control and, in fact, you have to start immediately.  If that is your situation we have a couple of “starters” you can use if you have a few class minutes to squeeze them in.

Start with These #Fun Assessments

When training teachers or students who have never seen Edulastic before, make use of our fun quizzes. These practice assessments have questions that run the gamut of the most commonly used question types in silly ways. To find these assessments, ranging on topics from food to seasons to cartoons, click on the links below.

  Learning Edulastic with Food Preview / Access


Learning Edulastic with Seasons Trivia Preview / Access 

school  Learning Edulastic with U.S. History Preview / Access

   Learning Edulastic with Filipino Cuisine Preview / Access

superheroes Learning Edulastic with Superheroes Preview / Access

27c1640b21dc92111fb0ae95392158b5 Learning Edulastic with Colors, Shapes, and Things Preview / Access

Learning Edulastic with U.S. States Preview / Access

  Learning Edulastic with Cartoons Preview / Access

Learning Edulastic with Places You Can Go Preview / Access


Learning Edulastic with Sports Preview / Access

Personalize How You Introduce Edulastic

Have a little time? Create your own first assignment. Go to your “Assignments” tab and select “Create New Assignment”. Create your own questions using the question types your students will most likely see. Here are a couple of questions you can model:

School Trivia:

  • What is the school mascot?
  • How many students are in the school?
  • How many teachers are in the school?
  • When is the last day of school?

Teacher Trivia:

  • What color are your teacher’s eyes?
  • What color is your teacher’s hair?
  • How many years has your teacher taught at this school?
  • What is your teacher’s favorite book/movie/hobby?

Add Your Practice Assessments to the Mix!

If your practice assessment can be used by others, be sure to mark it as “Public” and tag it “#fun”.  We will share these with other teachers who want to introduce Edulastic to their classes.

On the Publish screen, add #fun to Tag field in lower left corner.

On the Publish screen, add #fun to Tag field in lower left corner.