Fraction Editor Formative Assessment ToolFraction Editor Overview

Some math teachers use the Fraction Editor to have students indicate pieces of pie or demonstrate mastery of fractions in other ways. Overall, the Fraction Editor question allows math students to interact with visual representations of fractions in the form of segmented circles or rectangles. With this Technology-Enhanced Item, students develop their understanding of fractions as whole numbers through spacial learning and interactivity. Whether you add the question type to your formative assessment, pretest, or exit ticket, the question type is easy to set up and fun for students to answer!

Creating a Fraction Editor Question

Setting up a fraction editor question starts by entering the question using the text editor. From there, you can choose to use circles or squares by using the Fraction Mode dropdown menu. Then you can select how many shapes you’d like to use, followed by how many sections you would like. If you are using a rectangle, you can choose how many rows and columns you want the rectangle to have. With a circle, you have the option to choose how many sectors to use.

When you shade each area, the correct answer is auto generated in the area to the left.

To the student, the question looks like this:

Sample Fraction Editor question.

The student hovers over the parts of the circle to shade in the segments and ultimately select an answer.

Educators looking to adjust the depth of knowledge needed to answer the question should keep in mind that answering the question simply involves the click of some buttons. Therefore the difficulty of the question depends on the complexity set forth by the stem of the question and the amount of segment choices the teacher provides on the assessment when creating the exam.

Overall, the Fraction Editor is great for teachers explaining portions, fractions, and supports visual learners.


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