With Edulastic, you can invigorate your assessments with classic and revamped item types, and everything in between! Fill in the Blank technology-enhanced items (TEIs) enable educators to build upon traditional questions (like multiple choice) to target student understanding in a different way.  

Fill in the Blank item types prompt students to supply words, phrases, or numbers. These TEIs are effective for assessing knowledge of specific concepts. All Fill in the Blank items in Edulastic are auto-graded, which saves you time. 

Edulastic offers 8 different types of Fill in the Blank TEIs: Drag & Drop, Text Drop Down, Text Entry, Label Image with Drag & Drop, Label Image with Drop Down, Label Image with Text, Editing Task, and Math, Text & Dropdown. Great for any subject or grade level, these item types are sure to get your students thinking.

Below, we’ll walk you through the 8 different items and explain how to build them and what to use them for. Check them out or get to know all of the different TEIs in Edulastic!

Drag and Drop

What it is: Drag and Drop asks students to drag answers into a sentence to make it correct. While writing the question, you can add a new drop area from the toolbar and create several answer options that students will select from. 

How to use it: Use this item type in any subject or grade level as an alternative to traditional “word bank” questions. Drag and Drop questions cut down on memorization and allow for targeting specific understanding. For example, an English teacher might have students drag and drop the correct version of “their,” “they’re,” or “there” into a given sentence. 

Text Drop Down

What is it: Text Drop Down questions ask students to fill in a blank in a sentence by selecting from a drop-down list. While writing the question, you can add a text drop down field from the toolbar. 

How to use it: In this question type, students select answers from a set list. Therefore, Text Drop Down questions provide more guidance to students. These are especially helpful to use when there are more than one “blank” parts of the sentence, as shown above.

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Text Entry

What is it: Text Entry questions ask students to type their answers into blank prompts into a sentence. Educators have settings to allow for case errors and single-letter mistakes when designating correct answers. 

How to use it: Use this Fill in the Blank item type to truly challenge your students! This TEI can be used with any subject and requires stronger recollection of subject material since the student must both recall and spell the answer correctly.

Label Image with Drag and Drop

What is it: Label Image with Drag & Drop asks students to label an image by dragging and dropping options onto designated areas on top of the image. Students can select the correct answers from a bank of options provided on the left side of the screen.

How to use it: From diagrams to maps, this TEI is versatile. Social studies teachers often use this item type when teaching geography. Students can drag and drop geographic regions onto a map. It’s also a go-to when asking students to demonstrate understanding of a diagram, like the makeup of a cell.

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Label Image with Drop Down

What is it: Label Image with Drop Down asks students to select an answer from a drop down menu that hovers over a photo. Students select which answer choice(s) correspond with the given image. 

How to use it: This item type is a great way to assess student understanding on a wide variety of topics using diagrams, maps, and images! Use this to help your students develop visual learning skills.

Label Image with Text

What is it: Label an Image with Text prompts students to type over a certain location on a photo. Students can use text or numbers to fill in the blank.

How to use it: With no guesswork involved, Label an Image with Text allows you to test your students’ ability to attain and apply new knowledge. Therefore, this is an especially great item type if you want to ensure your students aren’t guessing! You can have students type in city names on a map, or type in animal names on a photo of a zoo.

Editing Task

What is it: An Editing Task TEI asks students to fill in blank parts of a sentence by typing, dragging from a bank, or choosing from a drop down. You choose how the response fields are set up! You also can shuffle the options if you’d like. 

How to use it: This item type allows you to assess your students’ understanding of grammar and sentence structure at the same time, among other things. For example, English teachers may ask students to fill in a blank word while also adjusting the overall order of the sentence. This rigorous TEI will surely challenge your students! 

Math, Text & Dropdown

What is it: This item type contains a variety of display styles, including text, drop down, and two types of math fields. Students can type an answer using math-specific symbols and operations and include units with their answer, selected from a drop down list.

How to use it: Math teachers, use this item type to test your students’ understanding of sentence structure and math symbols/equations at the same time. It’s a double whammy!

Edulastic’s variety of Fill in the Blank item types can make for more complex questions and targeted learning. From Drag and Drop to Drop Down to Text Entry, you can assess your students’ understanding of specific terms and concepts with varying levels of structure. Have your students supply an answer with text without relying on other answer options, or cut down on some ambiguity with a drop down item type! The possibilities for making assessments more thorough, targeted, and engaging are endless. 

Fill in the Blank questions are truly classic. They are used and loved by educators far and wide. Have fun exploring!

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