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Edulastic has over 30 question types to help teachers develop comprehensive assessments, tests, and quizzes. The versatility and ability to customize and create your own questions is just one of the many reasons educators love Edulastic. Among the variety of question types are technology enhanced items (TEIs) which enhance interactivity and strength of the topic being assessed. From basic multiple choice and true and false, to cloze matrix, drag and drop, passage-based questions, and image labeling, there are question types that fulfill the needs of any teacher!

This year Edulastic will feature a question type of the week each week for 30 weeks. We start with the spotlight on the Drag and Drop; a classic question adored by many. As we present each question we will feature the question type tutorial, examples of how to use it, and ideas for how to use the question for different teaching subjects. No matter whether you are a math teacher, science teacher, or english teacher, we hope the Question Type of the Week will help you maximize your experience creating assessments for your students.

Tune into our blog, Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest for announcements. We’ll also release a blog post each week with the question type tutorial, and examples, tips, and tricks.

Can’t wait to check out Edulastic question type tutorials? You can browse through them on our YouTube Channel. You can also take a look at the content from the 2014 Technology Enhanced Item Showcase or from our post on seeing Edulastic’s question types in action.

Remember, you can also view the tutorial videos when you are browsing through the question types in the Edulastic app. Just click the question mark in the upper right corner of each question type box.


Question Type Selection Page

With tons of question types to choose from, Edulastic allows you to test student comprehension in a variety of ways.

The Question Type Lineup:

1 Drag and Drop
2 Classification
3 Text Entry
4 Essay
5 Label an Image (Dropdown)
6 Label an Image (Text)
7 Text Dropdown
8 Fraction Editor
9 Graphing
10 Graph Placement
11 Graph Plotter
12 Line Plot
13 Range Plotter
14 Advanced Numeric
15  Cloze Matrix
16  Cloze Formula
17  Multiple Choice
18  Multiple Selection
19  True or False
20  Multipart
21 Passage Based
22  Sentence Correction
23 Expression Evaluator
24  Resequence
25  Sentence Response
26  Match the Following
27  Pictograph
28  Numeric Entry with Units
29  Number Line
30 Matching Tables


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