It’s another busy year so we’re taking some weight off your shoulders. We hand-selected featured assessments for grades 1-12 that are queued up and ready to go! What a time saver! All you have to do is assign them to your class(es).

All of the assessments linked below are Edulastic Certified. This means they have been reviewed and vetted by our Edulastic team to confirm that are high quality, credible, and aligned to the correct state standards. Some are even from previous state standardized tests!

We’ve compiled this list of featured assessments for grades 1-12 in math, science, ELA, and social studies. Check them out and assign these ready to go assignments to your students. Like an assessment you see but want to modify it? You can do that too! Close the test and then you can remove, edit, or add questions to the assessment.

All of these assessments can be accessed through your free or premium Edulastic account. Enjoy! Happy assessing!

Featured Math Assessments

Featured ELA Assessments

Featured Science Assessments

Featured Social Studies Assessments

Additional Featured Assessment Options

If you want to find even more exemplary Edulastic assessments, we also share featured assessments throughout the year on Twitter! Our featured assessment tweets are organized by subject under the following hashtags: #EdulasticMath, #EdulasticELA, #EdulasticScience, #EdulasticSS.

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