What is Eureka Math?

Eureka Math

Eureka Math is a very popular open source mathematics curriculum published by Great Minds. It started in 2012 as EngageNY, a New York State Education Department initiative to create a high quality, free mathematics curriculum. The curriculum, including lesson plans, worksheets, and assessments, is free to download. Several organizations, including EdReports and the state of Louisiana have rated Eureka Math / EngageNY as highly effective, and the curriculum has been downloaded more than 13 million times since creation.

While you can download the Eureka Math curriculum for free, all of the materials are accessible on paper. Working out problems on paper using numbers, words or pictures can help students explain their thinking and deepen their understanding of concepts. However, paper-based work puts a heavy load on teachers to grade student work. And because this takes time, students don’t get immediate feedback to help reinforce ideas and correct misconceptions in the moment.

Eureka Math Digital Assessments in Edulastic

Edulastic’s digital assessments save time grading and give teachers and students real-time feedback to boost learning. By doing regular assessments online with technology-enhanced items, students get practice for state tests without additional “prep time.” And digital resources can also keep students on track during distance learning periods.

You have several digital assessment options for Eureka Math in Edulastic:

1. EngageNY

Find pre-built EngageNY assessments in the Edulastic Certified collection and customize it with questions from the item bank and/or create your own questions. EngageNY assessments and questions are included in the Free Forever Teacher version of Edulastic.

2. Edulastic Affirm

In 2017 Edulastic partnered with Great Minds to deliver digital assessments for their Eureka Math curriculum. These assessments, along with premium features of Edulastic like read-aloud for students, test security, and in-depth reports for teachers and administrators, comprise Edulastic Affirm.

Edulastic Affirm includes more than 450 pre-built assessments created by the Great Minds team and an item bank of 3,500 questions.

3. SparkMath

SparkMath includes digital assessments aligned to each module of the Eureka Math curriculum, along with differentiated practice for each student based on their assessment results. Each Eureka Math module includes Topic Quizzes, Mid-module, and End-of-Module assessments. For any quiz or assessment, SparkMath groups students who exceed expectations and recommends challenge assignments for them to do next. For students who haven’t mastered the concept, SparkMath recommends review work, and for students who are on the bubble, it recommends practice assignments.

Eureka Math

SparkMath is available as an add-on to Teacher Premium or Enterprise accounts. To learn more about SparkMath, request a trial.

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