What is Affirm?

In 2017, Edulastic partnered with Great Minds, to deliver digital assessments for the Eureka Math curriculum. Affirm includes more than 450 pre-built assessments and a bank of 3,500 questions, allowing teachers to customize assessments for their class with questions created by the publishers of Eureka Math. The Edulastic version of Affirm includes access to Edulastic Premium for math teachers, such as read-aloud for students, test security features and in-depth reports for teachers and administrators.

For the 2020-21 school year, Edulastic Affirm will be organized into Playlists making each Topic Quiz, Mid-Module, and End-of-Module assessment easy to find and assign to your class.

Eureka Math and Eureka Affirm

Edulastic Affirm vs. Eureka Affirm

Starting this school year, Great Minds is offering Affirm on its own proprietary platform, called Eureka Affirm. Eureka Affirm differs from the Edulastic version in a few key ways. The chart below compares the two versions, along with a new option, SparkMath.

If you have been using Edulastic Affirm for the past few years, your data and any assessments you created or customized will not carry over to Eureka Affirm. To avoid this, you can choose to use Edulastic Affirm for the 2020-21 school year, as long as you request it when you place your order.

More Eureka Math Digital Assessments

Also new for this school year is SparkMath, which provides both Eureka Math-aligned assessments and differentiated practice for each student. SparkMath playlists include Topic Quizzes, Mid-module, and End-of-Module assessments for each Eureka Math module, just like Affirm. But based on the results of those math assessments, SparkMath recommends follow-on assignments to review or reinforce concepts for students who struggled and extra challenge work for students who didn’t.

Compare Edulastic’s Eureka Math digital assessment options in the chart below:

Eureka Affirm and Edulastic Affirm and SparkMath

To learn more about Edulastic’s support for Eureka Math, contact us or schedule an online walkthrough.