The school year is coming to an end. Your students have learned a bunch, and you’ve made it through tons of lessons, lectures, activities, field trips and more. Summer is right around the bend. It’s time to think about wrapping up the school year!

As the school year comes to a close, maybe it’s time to create an End of Year (EOY) assessment. You have some options: You could start from scratch; You can use an exam you’ve used in prior years; Or, you could even tweak a new assessment to fit what you’ve taught in your curriculum. Whatever you decide, we want to make the job easier for you. Check out some featured EOY assessments from the online Assessment Library. Some EOY assessments come from PARCC, others from teachers who have created and shared EOY assessments for their own classes.

If you decide to log in and start your EOY Assessments from scratch, keep in mind our best practices for creating assessments. In addition, you might want to consider the length of your test, question DOK, or the types of TEIs you may want to include in your assessment.

Most of all, remember, this is your EOY assessment which means that after this one, the year is over and you can take a break. So relax, take a breath, and enjoy pulling this one together!

Take a look, find inspiration, and assign one to your students!

Featured EOY Science Assessments

Featured EOY History Assessments

Featured EOY ELA Assessments

Featured EOY Math Assessments

Already thinking about what assessments you’ll start next year with? Check these assessments to start the year.