As the school year wraps up, we would like to reflect on the accomplishments of the Edulastic team and community. We saw another full year of learning, growing and supporting each other in education.

The COVID-19 pandemic continued to affect schools and communities but we were incredibly impressed with the persistence and positivity shown by K-12 educators. We also did our best to support teachers as distance learning became standard.

To reflect on this school year, we tallied up some numbers from the past twelve months (July, 2020 through June, 2021). If you’re one of the 125K teachers who used Edulastic this year – thank you for being an amazing member of the Edulastic family. We invite you to connect on our community page! 

A Growing Community

Every year, more and more K-12 educators turn to Edulastic to give assessments, receive immediate feedback and quickly adjust their instruction. This year:

  • 125,000 teachers actively used Edulastic with their students 
  • 4.3 million students took an assessment on Edulastic
  • 28,457 schools chose Edulastic 

Where the Learning Happens

We kept investigating and found that students answered 798,685,036 questions on Edulastic this year. That’s a lot of learning and a lot of brainpower! We assume that the average question takes ten seconds to grade manually. With this assumption, we were able to calculate that Edulastic’s auto-grading collectively saved teachers 2448272.7 hours or 279.5 years of grading this school year alone! Nearly 280 years brings us back to around 1741— the year where Alaska was first sighted by Danish explorer, Vitus Bering. Can you even imagine sitting down to grade assessments for 213 years non-stop? 

Edulastic’s community impact doesn’t stop there, check out our Earth Day Report to see how much paper the Edulastic community saved in 2021. We are blown away by the impacts of this community!

Along with autograding, redirect is also a favorite feature for many teachers. Redirect gives students a second chance on an assessment or assignment and encourages students and teachers to embrace mistakes. This year, 530,902 assignments were redirected to students. That’s an amazing amount of second chances and opportunities for improvement and growth! 

Innovation and the Future of EdTech

The education community drives the development of Edulastic. You give feedback, we listen, and Edulastic is made better. This year, we released 30 new features. Check out a few of them below: 

The education community drives the development of Edulastic. You give feedback, we listen, and Edulastic is made better. This year, we released 30 new features. Check out a few of them below: 

Explore more of the 30 new features we’ve implemented this year to learn how you can best utilize Edulastic in the classroom!

Educators Truly Value Learning 

Educators value learning — both for their students and for themselves. This is clear from the immense interest in PD opportunities we offered and took part in this school year. From in-person conferences to online events, we admire teachers’ desire to continue their own education. We’re thankful to support some of these learning opportunities. During the 2020-2021 school year, we:

This summer, we welcome new team members to our Edulastic Innovator Team. This year, 36 states and 3 countries represent our Innovator Team. We are excited to work with and learn from the new Innovator Team and make Edualastic the best it can be! We are amazed by the education community and teachers’ desire and dedication towards learning. 

Moving Forward

Our mission is to help teachers teach, help students learn, and learn something ourselves every day. We’re excited about our future, and we’re even more excited to continue to support teachers and educators across the country and world. 

Edulastic is free for teachers (and will always be free for teachers). Join the thousands of educators who drive their instruction with Edulastic; create a free-forever account today. Don’t miss out on the next big year!