We are excited to announce our 2017-2018 Edulastic Innovator Team! This year’s dynamic team consists of elementary to high school teachers, school and district leaders, curriculum directors, technology coaches, and other select educators from across the nation. In fact, this year’s group represents over 40 US states, England, and Spain!

Edulastic Innovator Team Bio Page

Click on the image to check out the Innovator Team Website where you can get to know this year’s Edulastic Innovator Team and connect with them on Twitter.

About the Edulastic Innovator Team

Over the year, we work closely with the members of the Innovator Team. We learn with them, and collaborate with them to discover how we can make Edulastic even better.  You could think of the Edulastic Innovator Team as an advisory group.

From focus groups, to forums where we receive feedback, we are consistently teaming up with Innovator Team members for feedback so we can continue to understand what teachers and admins want in an online platform. By working with our friends on the Innovator team, we can make sure we are on track!

The Edulastic Innovator Team also plays a big role in sharing their stories and ideas with others. Last year we had team members share their tips and best practices during the Teacher Talk Webinar Series and a webinar on Predictive Analytics.

From the beginning, we’ve always made it a point to listen to teachers and work closely with them to make Edulastic the best it can be. Our Edulastic Innovator Team helps us accomplish that!

We look forward to working with the 2017 Edulastic Innovator Team throughout the 2017-2018 school year!

Get to Know Forward-Thinking Edulastic Educators

Each week this year you can get to know one of the Edulastic Innovator Team members during our Sunday Spotlight which features a different team member each week. You can learn about how they discovered Edulastic, how they are using Edulastic, why they love teaching, and other fun facts about them!

SundaySpotlight BannerTo start, we encourage you to check out the stories of New Jersey educator, Betty Scola, West Virginia Math Teacher, Barbara Zingg, or Oregon 4th Grade Teacher, Dena Morosin!

Connect with the Team and the Edulastic Community 

As we build our Edulastic community, we hope everyone can come together to share ideas and best practices for integrating digital assessment in the classroom. If you want to get in touch with an Edulastic Innovator Team member in your state, let us know!

In the meantime, join our Edulastic Community Group to introduce yourself and connect with other Edulastic educators.

Interested in learning more or want to apply? Please reach out to Ileana by email at ileana [ at ] edulastic [ dot ] com

Learn from the Edulastic Innovator Team!