We are thrilled to introduce Edulastic Innovator Spotlight member Elisabeth Budd-Brown! Elisabeth is a middle school math teacher in Baltimore, Maryland. Be sure to check out her #EduVictory — it’s really great!

Get to know Elisabeth Budd-Brown

What inspired you to work in education?

3rd generation teacher and I feel my most fulfilled when teaching and seeing students learning! I was inspired by good teachers I had in school and wanted to provide that same opportunity to other students.

How did you learn about Edulastic? What is your Edulastic story?

Google search if you can believe it! I started, unsuccessfully, using Edulastic a few years ago. Once I moved to a charter school that didn’t offer interim assessments, I knew I needed a tool to gauge student knowledge and applied problem solving in math class. With the extensive item bank of standards based problems, I can really dig in to create assessments to see what students know.

What tips do you have for teachers who are new to Edulastic?

Don’t be afraid to fail or hear students complain! Kids don’t like testing because they’re afraid! Edulastic provides a tool that teaches them to take ownership of assessments and use them as learning tools. Once they analyze their own data, they can make changes and get better. My students hated it at first, but a few months in began to ask for me to create or reopen quizzes for them on particular topics. I would also suggest using it weekly in some formative assessment.

Please sum up your teaching philosophy in a few sentences.

Data is your best friend. She can help you make the impossible possible if you work with her. Don’t be afraid to fail sometimes and remember to laugh!

Share an #EduVictory from the past year. In other words, do you have a particular success story that has happened in your classroom or at your school?

I had several of my lowest IEP students tell me that they felt confident going into the state test (PARCC) because of doing Edulastic all year. They were able to complete it without guessing and felt it was easier than other years! Amazing!

Fun Facts

Favorite question type on Edulastic?

Multiple choice

What subject(s) do you use Edulastic for?


Must have classroom decor?

Data wall and flexible seating options

What is the funniest student moment you have experienced?

When students find errors on tests, they tend to send me some of the funniest comments and responses via the feedback piece. They ate truly hilarious. I get a lot of “Fix this now cause I need my A!” From higher kids and things like that.

Favorite book?

The Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo

Favorite movie?

The Lady in the Water and Wonder Park are a tie

Favorite subject or lesson to teach?

Math or African American history

Are you involved with any extracurricular activities at school? If so, what are they?

Robotics during the summer. I LOVE it!

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