Send Us Your Wish List

It’s officially back-to-school season! We know how much time and how many resources you devote to creating a comfortable classroom environment for your students. That’s why the Edulastic team is joining the initiative to help educators around the country with their Amazon Wish Lists!

Enter for a chance to win our #ClearTheList giveaway by filling out the form below. Winners will be notified via email.

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Thank you for all you do for your students, and we wish you a wonderful back-to-school season!

Additional Ways to Win

Don’t have an Amazon Wish List? Don’t worry — there’s plenty more back-to-school fun for you to participate in! For more giveaways and back-to-school resources, be sure to follow @Edulastic on Twitter, Facebook, and @Edulastic on Instagram. You’ll also find giveaways posted on @GoGuardian and @PearDeck. Through our social media announcements, you’ll have chances to walk away with Edulastic swag and more! 🎉