teacher superpowers = Edulastic and GoGuardian

By Betty Scola, Media Specialist in New Jersey

As a teacher, we are always looking for teacher tools that give us superpowers. Sometimes we think we’ve found an incredible tool based on their claims only to be let down shortly thereafter. Other times, we find a tool that is above and beyond what we wished for. When we find that tool, we want to share it with every teacher so they can all be superheroes!

As the person who is responsible for recommending tools to teachers in my district, I can tell you I have found my superpowers by combining two tools. I’m so excited to know that they are now partners.

Edulastic has been our go-to testing platform for years now. Our teachers love the real-time data and the ease of creating and assigning tests. Edulastic is the whole package!  Edulastic allows you to address misconceptions as the students are testing. For our teachers doing standards-based grading, they can easily print reports and report cards for students and parents after each test. My school has had companies try to lure us away from Edulastic but they never come close to what Edulastic has to offer. 

About 5 years ago we realized we also needed a tool for monitoring student computer use. After much searching, we decided to try GoGuardian. Immediately, we could lock the computers of students who were off-task or block websites that caused distractions. Best of all, we were able to run reports for parents whose children “would never go on gaming sites during class time” to prove their children were doing just that. 

Then I learned a great use for GoGuardian. When we would pilot a new educational tool, I would watch the screens of students as they used the tool to see whether the new product was really educational or just fluff.

Teacher Superpowers

Now think about combining my two superpowers. Imagine assigning a test on Edulastic and then not just seeing the real-time data as students are testing but also using GoGuardian to watch the students maneuver through the test. I can see every student’s screen at once. I can see if they are really taking the time to read the passages. I can see if they are scrolling through the multipart questions. I can watch them struggle or succeed in real-time. Then, I can use GoGuardian to privately “chat” with a student that is struggling or needs to be redirected. The students can also chat back if they need help but are afraid to raise their hand and want to chat privately. 

The last year and a half have been like no other year for educators and students around the globe.  I hope to never have to have students learning remotely again but I know with my two superpower tools, I will always be well prepared, no matter whether the learning takes place remote or inside the classroom. 

About the Author

Betty Scola is a Media Specialist at Waterford Elementary in Waterford, New Jersey. In the past, she worked as a Systems Analyst, but for the last 15 years, she has been teaching and loves it. Each school year, Betty’s goal is to give the students 100% no matter how she feels.

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