Edulastic101 Webinar IconIf you’ve never used Edulastic before or want a refresher on how to use it in your class, this 101 webinar is the place to start!  During the 1 hour webinar we will give a 40 minute overview of Edulastic and then will open up the last 20 minutes for questions and answers. We want to make sure that you feel confident this year as you use Edulastic with your students.

This Edulastic webinar will cover how to:

  • Add and manage classes
  • Create and give assignments
  • View and interpret results
  • Make the most of this year’s new features

Whether your goal is to give exit tickets, pre tests or post tests, formative, summative, or interim assessments, Edulastic is a powerful tool that can help! Maybe you’ve read our post on top reasons to use Edulastic or maybe you are set on helping build student confidence and boost PARCCAIR Aspire, or SBAC. Whatever the objective, our team at Edulastic wants to help make sure you feel prepared for the year.

We look forward to sharing Edulastic with you!

Upcoming Webinars:

Edulastic 101: Getting Started with Digital Assessment
Thursday, October 4, 2018
3pm Eastern Time // Noon Pacific Time
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Edulastic 101: Getting Started with Digital Assessment
Tuesday, October 9, 2018
7pm Eastern Time // 4pm Pacific Time
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We’ve had a lot of updates since last year! That being said, if you want to check out our 101 webinar from last year, go for it! The general process of assigning digital assessment and navigating Edulastic is similar.  Once we record the upcoming 2018 webinars, we will add them to this page so you can view them at a time that is convenient to you.

Watch the 2017 webinar below:

Table of Contents:

0:01 Intro
6:19 Create an account
8:20 Student view
11:54 Teacher view – Real-time results and student data
19:53 Create an assessment on Edulastic
26:55 Assign an assessment
32:20 Create an assessment with SnapQuiz
43:50 Add students to your class
48:30 Sync with Google Classroom
52:50 Viewing the Mastery Reports (Edulastic Free version)
59:00 Wrapup
59:40 Additional Edulastic support and tutorials


Audience Questions:  (Note, clicking on the time link will bring you to YouTube)

Where can I share personal feedback with my students? 16:40 – Can scores export to a spreadsheet? 17:12 – Can scores export automatically to an SIS? 18:32 – Can I shuffle the question order? 31:08 – How do I print out an assessment? 31:30 – What if the question on my document-based assessment is not multiple choice? (SnapQuiz question) 35:58 – Can you show us an example of one of the other SnapQuiz widget options? 37:32 – If you are testing an ESS student can you resume the test the next day to allow extra time? 39:55 – If I give Edulastic permission to access my Google Drive, does that mean you can see all my files? 41:28 – Is there a way to lock down the browser so students are unable to look up answers elsewhere? 42:08 – Can you show me how to allow a student to retake an assignment they’ve already submitted? 42:48 – I added my Google class, will they have usernames like we see here? 49:41 – Let’s say I’m a district administrator. Can I push out an assessment to all of my schools & teachers, and view all the aggregated data as an administrator? (ie: for district benchmark tests, etc.) Can I also set up/allow admin permissions for a few other supervisors? 51:30 – Can I create an assignment in one class and then copy and import that assignment into another class? 54:15 – How do you find a pre-built test for the Crucible for grade 11? 55:22 – Can you show me how to add students if I don’t have Google Classroom? 56:55 – Is the teacher account free for a limited amount of time? Will teachers eventually need to pay for an account? 57:54 – How do you add a co-teacher? 58:32 – How do I create a different version of the test for students to take? (Ex: a Form B) 1:03:17 – How do I change the cover photo for an assessment? 1:04:30

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