The Earth is dynamic and vibrant place to live. On April 22, we stop to recognize everything that it provides us. Plus, full of ecosystems, cycles, and both abiotic and biotic elements, there is a lot to know and learn about this planet that we inhabit! Whether you are looking for Earth Day activities, assessments, or resources to help you teach earth, physical, or life sciences, we’ve got you covered!

Browse through this selection of twelve featured NGSS aligned Edulastic Certified assessments. We’ve broken down these Earth Day assessments into three categories: Earth Day, Earth Science, and Life Science. Earth Day assessments are focused on the Earth’s history, systems, relationship with human activity, and global climate change. Earth science assessments focus on celestial gravitation, climate and weather, plate tectonics, and Earth’s place in the universe. Finally, life science incorporates ecological systems, abiotic cycles, organismal life and more! Looking for topics specifically related to the Earth Day Network’s theme of the year? Search for the keyword in the Edulastic Assessment Library.

The majority of these featured assessment are optimal for middle and high school students. While we have a strong selection of content for you to choose from in the Edulastic Assessment Library, remember, you can always make your own quizzes, worksheets, tests, or digital labs with Edulastic. Customize your own questions from a selection of over 30 technology-enhanced items and add multimedia such as video, images, and audio if you wish! If you don’t already have an account with Edulastic, you can sign up for free here. Edulastic teacher accounts are free forever.

Celebrate Earth Day with us, but don’t limit yourself to focusing on the earth solely on April 22nd. Use these science assessments any time of the year to engage students with technology-enhanced items that automatically grade for you and provide instant feedback on student progress. Browse through and preview them to see how they look to students, and then assign to your class! Like what you see? Share these assessments with your science PLN.

Featured Earth Day Assessments

Featured Earth Science Assessments

Featured Life Science Assessments