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**Editor’s Note: We just announced new webinars for this fall where you will be able to hear directly from teachers about how they use digital assessment for Math, Science, Social Studies, and ELA. We hope you’ll join us to learn tips, tricks, and best practices for digital assessment, directly from teachers!****

Sure, the concept of picking up a new skill is easy, however actually doing it? That’s a whole different story. Sometimes people turn to visualizing, the WOOP method, scouring through tutorials, or looking for workshops to help them achieve new goals. Often it’s helpful to see other people similar to ones self who are making the use of digital assessment a reality in their own lives.

During the Spring of 2017 we hosted teachers who shared their experiences using digital assessment in the classroom during the Teacher Talk Webinar Series. Their stories were unique and really helped to paint the picture of why digital assessment is a hot trend in the 21st century. Whether you are new to this shift towards digital assessment or are already getting your feet wet, we think these clips help highlight the practical use of digital assessment and how your typical week could transform if you began integrating digital assessment into your teaching routine.

A Week in the Life of an Edulastic Math Teacher

Nerissa Gerodias of San Jose, CA is a High School Math Teacher. She talks about how digital assessment saved her from dealing with tons of papers, saved her time grading, and relieved her of trying to decipher her student’s handwriting. Learn how she uses assessment in the classroom to provide instant feedback and her tactics for giving students a second chance and rewarding grit with the redirect feature.


A Routine Event: Assigning a Digital Quiz and Viewing Results

Steven Humble of Phoenix, AZ is a Science and Algebra Teacher. He provides a comprehensive overview of how to assign a quiz to students and review the results of the quiz!

How do you use Edulastic in your classroom? What does your workflow look like?

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