As an all-in-one assessment tool, Edulastic is used for classroom formatives, summatives, and common exams across the country and world. Now, we’re excited to announce a brand new feature that truly takes Edulastic to the next level for schools and districts.  

Edulastic can now serve as a data warehouse, combining Edulastic assessment data and data imported from other sources for a full picture of learning. This means that you can view reports in Edulastic that include scores imported from: 

  • State tests
  • Other assessment systems like IREADY and MAP
  • SAT/ACT scores
  • And more!

Bringing all of your data together in one system with easy-to-read reports will give you a truly holistic view of student achievement, areas needing remediation, and growth. 

Get to Know Edulastic’s Data Warehouse

Additional Data Warehouse Information

Once we’ve imported your data, you’ll have a suite of additional reports at your fingertips. For example:

  • Analyze your state test data from prior years to spot year-over-year trends and see which students will need additional support this year.
  • See students who were not proficient in a standard on the state test and how those students are progressing this year.  
  • Use MAP scores to identify students needing remediation, then track their progress on standards mastery using short classroom assessments.

Edulastic’s Data Warehouse functionality also includes custom reporting, allowing you to drag and drop data from Edulastic or imported sources to help you better understand what’s happening in your district.

Check out the screenshots on the right, or view even more screenshots in this slide deck

Understanding student progress, growth, or areas of improvement doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, all student data can be clearly displayed in easy-to-understand reports in Edulastic. From state test scores to SAT results, MAP scores and more, Edulastic has you covered for all your data needs.

Let us do the number crunching, so you can focus on what matters most: the learning.  

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