We are providing distance learning support and services to help educators teach online.

Updated 3/21

To help learning continue when schools close, Edulastic is committed to helping educators with distance learning support and resources. Distance learning can keep students progressing through the curriculum, minimize additional days tacked on to the end of the year, or simply keep students’ minds moving. Whatever the goal, Edulastic provides a robust platform to deliver worksheets, assessments, or instruction and monitor student progress while away from the classroom. Visit our resource page to access free training on how Edulastic works, or continue to read to learn more about resources available to you on Edulastic.

Edulastic continues to offer free-forever teacher accounts. In response to COVID-19, we want to make distance learning easier and more accessible to everyone. We are continuing to roll out new features to support learning that enables teachers and school leaders to be prepared, no matter whether school goes online or back to the classroom. 

Features to Support Distance Learning

distance learning support video class

We want to make connecting with students as easy as possible for you no matter whether you are teaching remote, in-person, or a hybrid of the two. With Edulastic, you can set up learning tasks and assessments and be ready for instruction no matter the setting.

Here are some specific features and resources that will help you with distance learning as you work with students.

➡️ Co-teacher

Add a co-teacher on Edulastic to share a class with another teacher. Your co-teacher will loop your colleague into the class so they can have the same controls that you have with the class. Just like you, they will be able to enroll students/sync, edit and add/remove students from the class, archive the class, assign assessments view the reports, and more. This feature is helpful for in-person instruction, hybrid instruction, or distance learning.

➡️ Edulastic Smartphone Compatability

To increase accessibility to education, our engineers made Edulastic compatible with smartphones. When teachers give assignments, lessons, or assessments on Edulastic, students can log in through their phone to answer questions and complete the work.

➡️ Timed Assignments

distance learning support timed online assessment

Timed assessments (Premium) are appealing for a few different reasons: They can reduce cheating and can give you control how much time students have to spend on an assessment. With assigned assessments, you can choose how much time the student has to take an assessment once they open the assessment.

➡️ Google Classroom Co-teacher Sync

Edulastic offers a one-button sync to import all your classes in Google classroom into Edulastic. Now, you can also sync your Google Classroom with your co-teacher. Learn more.
Bonus: Teachers can also initiate Google Hangouts for their class straight from Edulastic.

➡️ Upload File Question Type

The “Upload File” question type encourages students to upload a picture or file of their work in response to a teacher’s prompt. You’ll see this option when you go to author a new question.

➡️ New, Free Back to School 2020 Features

Access our Math and ELA diagnostic assessments, over 51 question types, Edit and Regrade, Student View, and a better, sleek look on Edulastic. Learn about these new features on Edulastic.

➡️ New, Back to School 2020 Features for Premium & Enterprise Customers

Instruction gets more powerful with student groups, practice assessments, playlists to deliver units of organized learning tasks, parent/guardian portal, dynamic questions, Gradebook, and student player skins to better mimic state tests! Learn how you can incorporate these exciting features in our announcement.

2. Online tools for Collaboration

Distance learning involves approaching creative ways to prepare, share, and review work. With online tools that give educators the ability to team up and work together, the whole process is a lot easier and makes the distance learning experience better for everyone.

➡️ Sharing Options for Free Teacher Accounts

Anyone on Edulastic can create and share published assessments or lessons in the school, district, or public library so that other teachers can access the material. Want to just share with one or two people? Make the content “Unlisted” and you can share the link with your PLC or the other teachers of your choice.

Adding a co-teacher, as mentioned in the features list above, allows you to team up with another teacher or admin in the district and share rosters, assignments, and data.

➡️ Sharing Options for Premium Teacher Accounts

Premium Teachers can use the share options mentioned above, plus they can share an assessment or lesson in draft form by adding a Co-Author to a draft assessment. From there, both authors can work together to craft questions and content for the assignment.

➡️ Sharing Options for Enterprise

On Edulastic Enterprise, everyone gets all the features mentioned above and more. Districts and Schools can create teacher groups where teachers can easily share reports and other information with one another.

3. Automated SIS Syncs for all districts and schools.

Enterprise-licensed districts currently have the option of integrating their student information systems with Clever, Canvas or Schoology to automatically sync rosters, student data, teacher and admin accounts, and grades.  To minimize the need for manual updates by teachers, these options will be available to all districts with teachers using Edulastic.

If you are interested in taking advantage of this, please first download and follow the instructions below, and then contact our Support Line to let us know you have initiated the integration.

Clever Integration

Canvas Integration

Schoology Integration

Edulastic Support Line:  (510) 901-4739

4. Take Learning Online at your School or District with Edulastic Enterprise

Are you are a school or district leader looking for a user-friendly tool that will allow you and teachers to work together to deliver robust assessments and online learning tasks? Edulastic Enterprise could be a great tool for you and your teachers. Learn more about Edulastic Enterprise for Schools and Districts.

5. Distance Learning Support: Additional Resources

Webinar: Tips for Successful Distance Learning

Learn tips and strategies that make distance learning successful. You’ll hear from three different K-12 educators who successfully implement and deliver remote assignments and tasks on a regular basis.

Article: How to use Edulastic for Distance Learning

Learn how to use Edulastic to power your remote instruction. From co-teachers to express grader, these tools will help you collaborate with other teachers, instruct effectively, and stay connected with students.

Article: Premade and Ready to Assign Lessons

Explore eLearning lessons on Edulastic and find engaging content that you can quickly and easily assign to your students.

Article: 4 Tools to Create Online Lessons

Are you utilizing these four powerful tools when creating lessons and assignments in Edulastic?

During this time, many schools and districts are learning on their LMS to help them during this time. It’s a good time to sync Edulastic while you work within your LMS, no matter whether it happens to be Canvas, Schoology, Google Classroom, or another system.

At Edulastic, we are always trying to do our best to support the educator community. We are doing what we can at this time to provide distance learning support and give you the tools to stay connected and productive with your students. We hope these additional resources will help you and your students over the next several months as this pandemic unfolds. 

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