Take your graphing questions to new heights! Tune in to learn how to author interactive graphing questions in Edulastic. You will discover how to set up points, polygons, lines, inequalities, parabolas, background shapes, evaluation settings, and more!

You’ll be learning from the very best because presenting the event is the architect of Edulastic’s math questions, Dr. Lawrence Chernin, Senior Director of Data Science at Edulastic. Whether you’re brand new to these question types, or have explored them before, after watching this webinar, you’ll feel more confident about setting them up for your assignments.

You’ll discover that Edulastic’s cartesian system graphing questions are straightforward to create and simple for students to ansswer. They make it easier to ask students to demonstrate understanding on a specific task, such as drawing out a quadratic function, a circle (based on an equation) or other equations for algebra, trigonometry, or calculus class. Plus they’re fun to use, and give you the chance to ask more specific, dynamic, and interactive questions to test students’ understanding.

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