The creative possibilities are endless with Edulastic’s Classify, Match, and Order question types! These technology-enhanced items (TEIs) test your students’ ability to identify relationships or connect unique concepts through interactive answer formats. Students will engage in analytical thinking to recognize concept connections and complete the questions.

There are four different Classify, Match, and Order TEI’s in Edulastic: Sort List, Classification, Match the Following, and Resequence. Classification questions assess students’ ability to distinguish between concepts by categorizing the correct answer choices. Match the Following asks students to identify and match the corresponding answers to the answer options. Lastly, Sort and Resequence lists allow students to arrange concepts in a methodical order. All of these TEIs are auto-graded, which will save you immense amounts of time. 

Classify, Match, and Order question types are versatile, engaging, and can be used in a wide array of subjects. Try inserting multimedia for a visual element, or adding more classification categories for a challenge! Check out these items below, or view all of the 50 question items Edulastic has to offer.

Sort List

What it is: A Sort List contains answer choices on the left and empty boxes on the right. Students drag and drop options from the source to the target area. Answer options can include text, as well as embedded multimedia such as images. Once the answers are on the right column, students can toggle the boxes to arrange their answers accordingly.

How to use it: Test your students’ knowledge and comprehension skills concerning magnitude, order, causality, or hierarchy. With options to insert photos, math symbols, and more, Sort Lists are applicable to any subject!


What it is: Looking to assess students’ ability to distinguish between concepts? The Classification question type is perfect for this! In this item, label the columns and options relevant to your material and then drag and drop the correct answer choices into the corresponding boxes. 

How to use it: With Classification questions, the application possibilities are endless. For example, you can insert images into the columns and label the answer options with descriptive words for each of the pictures. The same process can be applied vice versa, where images are inserted into the answer choices. For a higher-level classification question, add more columns or answer choices for students as a challenge.

Match the Following

What it is: Match the Following questions are exactly what they sound like! Students can match option choices from the left, with answer choices on the right. When creating the question, you can customize the answer lists to include pictures or words. Then, students can drag and drop the possible answer choices to the corresponding options.

How to use it: Match the Following TEIs are great for all subjects and grade levels. They even can be fun for students, especially if you incorporate multimedia! For example, in an elementary school science class, students can drag plant-related vocabulary words to the corresponding images. Or, in a higher-level math class, teachers can assess student problem-solving skills through matching answers with equation options. Play around with your content, and keep your students engaged with a fun list!


What it is: Resequence questions allow you to assess students’ knowledge of concepts with ranked choices. After inputting the overall question, you can insert different items into the list to be ordered. Then, set the answer to the correctly ranked item choices. Students will then be able to drag the answer options around by clicking on the three green bars and toggling the boxes.

How to use it: Get creative with this question type—the possibilities are endless! Math teachers, you can use Resequence TEIs to test value comparison. Social Studies teachers, you can use this question with historical material and prompt your students to rank events in a chronological manner. ELA teachers, you could have students order events from a book. 

Edulastic’s Classify, Match, and Order TEIs are fun while involving analytical thinking. Students are challenged by identifying relationships between concepts and recognizing connections. You can add versatility by embedding multimedia such as videos or images to answer options.

While Match the Following questions allow students to make conceptual connections, Classification items distinguish answer options into different categories. Additionally, Sort List and Resequence can be used to involve ranking answer options and identifying value or time comparisons. 

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