We are proud to announce that you can now find Edulastic on the Google Chromebook App Hub! Google for Education launched the new App Hub at ISTE 2019 in Philadelphia. With the App Hub, teachers can easily find edtech apps and ideas for their chromebooks all in one centralized location. 

Chromebooks are becoming increasingly popular in the classroom. They are now used by over 30 million students and educators in schools. The new content discovery system will save teachers time when searching for new edtech apps for their chromebooks, like Edulastic, which works great on Google’s Chrome browser.

Edulastic has been a Google partner since March of 2016. Edulastic seamlessly integrates with Google Classroom, allowing users to sign in through Google with just one click. The single sign in feature saves IT Directors from a headache. Teachers can assign assessments directly to Google Classroom where students can enter the assessment without leaving the page. 

Chromebook App Hub Edulastic

Beyond this, the App Hub is more than just a list of edtech tools; it also includes a collaboration forum that allows teachers to post recommendations or “Idea Sparks” for other users. In this section, Technology Integration Coach Betty Scola explained that she loves Edulastic because it allows her students to “gain ownership of their learning.” We love collaborating with and hearing from the education community, and we look forward to the future growth that the App Hub will bring to both Google and Edulastic users. 

Do you have an idea for using Edulastic that you’d like to share with other educators? Take a moment to submit your “idea spark” to the Chromebook App Hub! Click here for an example.

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Check out Edulastic on the Chromebook App Hub and share the page with your PLN or a teacher friend who uses Chromebooks!

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