Request for Proposals

Certified Author Grant
Subject: Science

Release Date: October 10, 2016
Proposal Deadline: November 30, 2016
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We encourage you to read the guidelines below and then apply here.


Grant Overview:

Edulastic is offering an Edulastic Certified Author Grant for science educators interested in publishing their science assessments online.

Selected teachers will create online science assessments tied to the Next Generation Science Standards(NGSS) for the Certified Author item bank. All assessments will be published under the Creative Commons license.

About Edulastic:

Edulastic is an online assessment platform where educators can create and assign student assessments. Teachers and districts across the country use Edulastic as a way to track student achievement, differentiate instruction, and to streamline the data and reporting process. With over 30,000 questions to draw from and over 30 question types to choose from, teachers have the flexibility to customize the student learning process with Edulastic.

Grant Purpose:

In August 2016 we administered a Science Teacher Survey to explore how we could better support science educators. From the feedback received, we identified the need to increase the amount of science assessments in the Edulastic Item Bank. Providing science teachers with pre-written content is one of the major steps on our pathway to improving support for science teachers. We know there are creative and innovative teachers out there who already have great content and we want to partner with you!


Grant Applicants:

We envision that grant applicants will be educators with a strong science backgrounds and strong assessment development skills. Applicants should be comfortable utilizing Edulastic’s TEIs, navigating NGSS, and are expected to provide two sample assessments. If you are a teacher with science assessments you’ve been wanting to digitalize, or if you would simply like to give back to the greater science community, this grant could be for you.


 What we want to see in your proposal:

In your grant proposal you’ll need to lay out your plan for creating NGSS-tied content for the Edulastic Item Bank. We want you to prove to us that you are an NGSS guru. Once you’ve done that, show us that you are a master at creating online assessments and can tactfully loop in Technology Enhanced Items to make a comprehensive and engaging assessment for teachers to use with students. The content created must be original and shared as Creative Commons work for teachers to use, build upon, and remix for their own use.


In your grant proposal, please comprehensively address:

  • Number of Assessments – How many assessments will you create?
  • Number of Items for Each Assessment – How many questions will you include in each assessment?
  • Audience Overview – What grades and subjects will you cover?
  • NGSS Standards Which NGSS standards will your content cover? Please make sure to list all Disciplinary Core Ideas (DCIs). Additionally, are there any ways you may foresee including other dimensions of the NGSS? Upon completion of the grant, we will request that you provide final documentation of the assessments you created and which NGSS standards each contains.
  • Timeline – When will you deliver this content?
  • Budget – Each applicant may apply for up to $2,000. How much money will you need and what will you use it for? Please outline the total amount you request and the breakdown of expenses (image rights, set-up, etc…)
  • Sample Assessments – Show us your skills and content mastery! Please link to two assessments you have created in Edulastic.
  • Other – Anything else you would like us to know?

You will be asked to complete the aforementioned sections in the proposal submission form.


Short-list Selection

Applicants who have demonstrated the capacity to meet our requirements will be notified via phone/email with a request for further communication.


Due Date and Submittal Procedures

Please submit your proposal through our online form:
Deadline for submission is by 11:59pm Pacific Time, Wednesday, November 30th.

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Onlin Science Assessment

Use this grant to digitize your Next Generation Science Standard assessments!

Please contact Ileana Betancourt via email at ileana [at] edulastic [dot] com