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Summertime and the living is… easier. With students on summer break and class out of session, the pace of life has slowed down. In between sipping on lemonade and summer BBQs, keep your brain moving with Edulastic.

We created a short list of fun ways to keep your mind in motion with Edulastic this summer. From trying out quizzes in our assignment library, to brainstorming YouTube videos to integrate into your assignments, here’s a few fun ways to keep the light summer learning alive:

Warm-Up Edulastic Assignment2

1) Create a class introduction assignment

To kick-off the beginning of the year, why not make a fun assessment to welcome students back and get them comfortable with the Edulastic? Keep the questions light and focus on simple topics they can answer easily so they can learn how to answer various question types. We pulled together an example of what this might look like here. Feel free to use it as a starting point and customize it for your class.
[Note: You will be required to choose a standard for each question you create. For this type of assignmetn, please place your question into Grade: Kindergarten, Subject: Math-Common Core, and Select Standard: K.CC.A.1. Make sure to tag your assignment with “class intro”]


2) Locate videos, images, and articles to create engaging assignments

By including media files, you can reach students with varying learning strengths (visual learners, audial, hands on…etc…) and boost the power of your quizzes, tests, and other assessments. For science courses you may incorporate diagrams, for history: timelines or portraits, in English: text from passages. Want to embed a Prezi, Word or SlideShare? We got you covered there too.

Videos, in particular, are a great way to hook students, introduce them to a topic, engage audio/visual learners, and spice up your teaching. YouTube is one source that provides a huge selection of widely accessible videos. Monica Martinez of EdTechTeam has already compiled a list of great educational channels for teachers.

Edulastic YouTube Channel

3) Watch how-to tutorial videos

Become an Edulastic pro. With weeks to go until school starts you have plenty of time to get to know Edulastic better. You can find great tutorials by the Edulastic team or teachers around the country. Whether you want to learn how to take Edulastic to your new school,  sync with Google Classroom, use data to inform your instruction, or create different technology-enhanced questions, it’s all there! (And if you have additional questions- we’re always available to chat!

Practice Assignments for Summer

4) Take Edulastic assessments

That’s right- keep your brain fresh and don’t forget your multiplication by getting on Edulastic and taking some of assessments yourself! Take a quiz every few weeks to keep your mind sharp and experience Edulastic from the student’s point of view.

 Create New Assignment Edulastic

5) Create an assignment every 10 days

Take 2 to 4 hours every ten days to create an assignment for the upcoming year. If you begin to create your assignments at a steady and achievable pace, you’ll have several assessments ready to go by the start of the school year. In addition, you’ll realize how quick and easy it can be to digitalize your assignments with Edulastic.
[Note: for first timers, consider starting off with an easy assignment as suggested in the first bullet point.]

Commit to one of these five activities and see how it goes! By the time school starts, you’ll feel good about your progress, and you’ll be more prepared to deploy Edulastic assignments throughout the school year.

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