If you’re looking for beginning-of-year (BOY) assessment resources for back-to-school, this is the post for you. We have compiled a variety of digital assessments across all grade levels and subjects to help you start the year, get inspired, and see what’s possible with BOY assessment. Some of these assessments are designed to see what students remember from topics previously taught, while others are focused on new knowledge that can be covered early in the year. 

These featured assessments come from the Edulastic Certified library and are organized below by subject. To look for a specific subject and topic for your BOY assessment, use the buttons below to dive into the extensive Edulastic public assessment library. If you are getting you students comfortable with Edulastic, consider giving a fun low-stakes trivia-based assessment for a trial run so they can get comfortable with the tools at hand. If you’re ready to dive right into the subject matter with your students, scroll on.

Prepare for the school year and help your students thrive by assigning these Edulastic Certified assessments to start the year! All of these assessments can be accessed through your free or premium Edulastic account.

Featured Math BOY Assessments

Featured ELA BOY Assessments

Featured Science BOY Assessments

Featured Social Studies BOY Assessments

Additional Digital BOY Assessment Options

2020 threw a curveball at educators across the United States and the entire world. With widespread disruption due to the coronavirus pandemic, it’s more important than ever before to gauge student knowledge before diving into new material. When administered to students, Diagnostic assessments are a great way to assess a student’s understanding of a concept before delving into new instruction. These pre-tests serve as a barometer for how much background knowledge a student has. Educators are then able to adjust lesson plans and identify areas where more focus and instruction is needed. ELA and Math teachers can make use of Edulastic’s free SmartStart diagnostic assessments to get an idea of where students in their enrolled grade level might require more instruction at the start of the year.

If you want to find even more exemplary Edulastic assessments, we also share featured assessments throughout the year on our Twitter! Our featured assessment tweets are organized by subject under the following hashtags: #EdulasticMath, #EdulasticELA, #EdulasticScience, #EdulasticSS.

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