This fall we are welcoming a new function in the Text Editor: The Spanish Editor!

¡No te preocupes! With the Spanish editor, teachers can now easily create Spanish Text with the proper accent and diacritical marks. These are character signs that change the sounds of the letters and words where they are inserted.

Anyone who is creating or editing a question item in Edulastic can use the Spanish Editor to edit text within the question stem or answer options.The Spanish Editor box is located within the traditional Text Editor box and pops open to display a 16 options to enhance your Spanish text.  The text options include accents, tildes, umlauts, and inverted exclamation and question marks. Bueno?

Whether you teach in at a Spanish speaking school or are teaching Spanish classes, you can begin to use the Spanish Editor for digital assessment today! If you want to get started, log into your Edulastic account or if you are new to Edulastic, create your free teacher account!

“What’s happening pineapple?” In a grammatically proper way, you can ask this question and more with the Spanish Editor. Note, once you hit “save,” the text is inserted into your question stem or answer choice.

Helpful Pointers:

– If students are answering a Text Response question where the correct answer includes an accent, they must include the accent to get the credit for the question. (a and á are not equivalent) This is great for high-difficulty questions where teachers are looking to make sure that students understand proper grammatical spelling of words or phrases.

– You might find it easiest to enter the entire sentence or word you are writing into the Spanish Editor and then hitting the “Save” button to insert the Spanish text into the question stem or answer slot.

– You can still use the shortcuts on your keyboard to insert accents.

Watch a Live Walk-through of the Spanish Editor

In November(2017) we gave live walkthrough of the Text Editor in our Edulastic Office Hours. You can catch the live recording on Periscope here OR find it below via on our YouTube channel.

We hope the Spanish Editor will help teachers create better Spanish questions for students!

Set up your free teacher account or log into Edulastic to get started!

Curious to learn more about the Text Editor? Check out our Text Editor infographic that looks at the different functions. (Note, the infographic contains a comprehensive overview of the Text Editor but does not yet include the new Spanish Text editor which has been added to the Text Editor.)