Digital assessment can provide an endless number of benefits. Some of those more obvious benefits include saving time through automatic grading, giving engaging questions, and getting instant insights on standards mastery progress. Beyond these clear outcomes, the benefits of digital assessment extend to student wellbeing when used carefully and intentionally.

When used well, digital assessment frees up teachers’ time, leaving way for more one-on-one student attention. Immediate insights empower students and teachers to address misconceptions right away, rather than weeks after a formative or summative assessment. And finally, with self-paced learning, redirect, or other features of digital assessment, students can get more control of their learning, and teachers can have the insights to better guide students on their learning journey.

Within this blog, we’ve curated some videos presented by teachers and other resources to help you discover how to support student learning, wellbeing, health, and social-emotional learning. The topics cover SEL, personalization, and just general tips to better support and guide students.

Make it Personal! Support Students with Personalized Learning, Assessment, & Feedback

Give students attention, support, and assessments that will help them grow as individual learners. Listen to Barbara Zingg, high school math and computer science teacher, as she shares how she uses Edulastic’s digital assessments to differentiate for different groups of students, and how she writes personalized feedback. You will also learn other tips for meeting students where they are at in the learning process.

Empower and Engage Your Learners with Digital Assessment

Tips for using digital assessment to provide meaningful, timely, and personal student-teacher connections… even asynchronously!

Using Data to Inform Instruction (for School Leaders)

Edulastic provides data and reports for teachers and insight into school-wide student progress. In this webinar you’ll hear from school leaders who will share how they are using digital assessment to track and support student progress and growth.

Digital Assessment Tools at Your Fingertips

Get instant insights and reports that can help inform where students might need more support and resources. With Edulastic, student performance and timing can help identify where intervention and guidance is needed. Enjoy this thorough overview of what Edulatic has to provide both educators and administrators at the school and district levels! Edulastic is free for teachers and affordable for schools and districts.

Even in times of uncertainty and challenges, assessment platforms like Edulastic can help provide educators with an understanding of what needs to happen next. That’s why getting the data from digital assessment is sometimes more important than ever these days. Check out how one school leader set up common assessment at her school to help get a snapshot of student performance during the pandemic. The school leader, Samantha Shaffner stated, “We are using our common assessment data from each of the schools to initiate positive changes in the way that we approach teaching and learning with our students, especially during these challenging times.” With the information, they can make sound decisions that better support students, making way for a brighter future.

Edulastic provides a robust platform for getting instant insights that can inform instruction so you can better support students. Sign up for a free account to get started today!

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