With a new year we are excited to announce new content coming to you in the Assessment Library (stay posted for details), new live and guided training options, and updates on our new Edulastic interface.

If you have Premium or Edulastic Enterprise, you’ll also be interested in checking out these new features that went live on August 9th.

Edulastic 2020

We have been super excited about releasing the new Edulastic interface (we’re calling it Edulastic 2020) that we announced last spring. This year is our transition year where it will be optional to decide as a district if and when you want to move over to the new version. We decided to offer this so districts can ease into the new system when they are ready to make the switch and adjustment.

If a district wants to be an early adopter and move over to the new version, we welcome it but you don’t have to move to the new version until next school year. The summer of 2020 will be the full transition.

Interested in Being an Early Adopter?

If you are a district that is interested in making the early switch over, let us know and we will add you to our waitlist. Please keep in mind that the earliest transitions to the new version will occur is October.

New Live and Self-Paced Training

Join us for a live webinar or take a course and learn at your own pace. Visit the Training Hub and scroll or click down to “Training Resources” to view these new ways to solidify your expertise in using Edulastic.

The three live webinars we offer are Edulastic 101, Your Guide to Edulastic Premium, and Edulastic After Dark. The offering serves a variety of audiences including anyone new to Edulastic with a free account, or anyone who has Premium or Enterprise and is looking to understand the Premium tools and features at their fingertips.

At Edulastic we believe in delivering the best assessment platform possible, transparency, and listening to our community of teachers and education leaders. Thank you so much for your continued support and for continuing to be a part of the journey! It’s your wonderful feedback and the Edulastic community’s cutting edge thinking that helps Edulastic be the best it can be.  We are excited because our new roll-out plan will allow extra attention, support, stability for a smooth transition. Please continue to stay tuned for updates!

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