Edulastic provides a robust digital assessment tool for educators nationwide and around the world. We’ve hit an amazing number of milestones over the last several years and are excited about the roadmap ahead, which we’ve crafted thanks to the support and feedback from teachers and education leaders like you.

Curious what’s new this upcoming fall? Premium and Enterprise accounts on Edulastic were giving the following new updates starting August 9, 2019.

For updates relating to everyone(not just Premium and Enterprise), visit here.

More Anti-cheating features:

A) Dynamic passwords are a new way to set a time limit on a password. This has been requested to further increase security for high-stakes tests. When a classroom has their testing window, the teacher can use the password from the district or school leaders to open and deliver the assessment. This ensures that testing windows are respected and helps restrict access outside of a set time.

B) IP Address Check – Now in addition to marking a student absent, there are extra protections against a quick text or email that could share your assessment to a student offsite who shouldn’t have access to the assessment. Note, this feature is only possible if the password control is enabled.

Schoology Integration

Educators at Schoology districts will be delighted to learn that Edulastic now integrates with this popular SIS/LMS tool. When your district sets up a Schoology, you can simply log in with your Schoology account and sync your classroom with the click of a button. Then once you complete an assessment, the grades can be pushed into the Schoology gradebook. Note, this is only available for District Enterprise customers..

School Level Mastery and Performance Bands

Mastery or performance bands are able to be set with Edulastic Enterprise administrator accounts. This allows for uniformity of expectations and performance standards throughout the whole school or district. Learn more here.

Import State Test Scores & More Into Data Warehouse

Even if you do all of your assessments in Edulastic, sometimes you have important data in other places, like state test scores, other assessment systems, attendance and behavior information, etc. Now you can pull that data into Edulastic and get a whole picture in one place.  This means advanced and predictive analytics are coming your way to help improve learning outcomes. Note: As usual, teachers can only see student information for students related to them.

This month’s exciting updates help support overall school and district goals by providing more depth and security for assessments. For a more detailed overview of these new features, we encourage you to visit the Edulastic Knowledge Base or check out our Enterprise and Premium training options.

Thanks for being a part of the Edulastic community as we continue to do our best to provide the finest assessment platform on the edtech market.