Alison Cox, Math Teacher

Alison Cox

Math Teacher

Des Arc High School

For state testing, we use lots of tools to differentiate and meet the needs of all learners.  In Arkansas, we test the 10th and 11th grades with the ACT Aspire and ACT test.  Because these tests assess standards from grades 3 through 11, I need a streamlined way to ensure all content is covered. Plus, students have a variety of strengths and areas of growth to be targeted before the test is administered.  Therefore, using Edulastic is a way to ensure all content is covered based on student data, strengths, and needs.

How do we use Edulastic to review?

Students are given a document with a list of standards and links to Edulastic quizzes.  Students self pace through the quizzes.  Before a student can submit a quiz, they must check with me to ensure they have mastered the content (an 80% or higher).  We review any questions missed and determine the mistakes they made in solving the problems.  Once students meet mastery, they move on to the next standard and quiz.

If a student cannot attain mastery, I partner up with the student and provide one on one instruction to that student (sometimes groups of students) to promote mastery.  When students have submitted all the quizzes for the day, they can move on to extension and enrichment activities.

Why do we benefit from Edulastic?

With Edulastic, Alison can go back and review an individual student’s performance. The instant feedback saves Alison time and allows her to provide students with a personalize learning experience.

By allowing students to self-pace their learning, I am able to work with each student individually to support his or her needs.  Students that master material can move on and participate in challenges that promote deeper learning, understanding, and application.  Students that need active support get the one on one support they need to succeed.

In addition, I have seen students become more willing to ask for help when we no longer sit in a whole group setting.  The major advantage of this structured review, is the increased accountability for students.  They must master content before they can advance in the review.

Finally, students are extremely competitive and enjoy supporting each other and challenging each other day after day. Through the Edulastic review, I am able to cover lots of content in a short period of time, support the needs of learners, and engage every student.

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