We love seeing our community experience success in educational pursuits! In particular, we love hearing when Edulastic helped teachers and students reach new heights.
While teachers and school leaders use Edulastic for a variety of reasons, many have their eye on boosting success on state tests. Edulastic mimics the look and feel of most state tests like the ACT Aspire test. It provides a robust way to track standards mastery and boost student comfort with online exams. By providing online ACT Aspire practice tests leading up to spring testing, educators can give students ample time to adjust to the testing environment. Educators can adjust instruction to better accommodate topics that need more attention when they use Edulastic to track standards mastery. Instant data and reports pinpoint when individual students need extra support or attention.
Last month we received an email from Matt McGowan, Math and Technology Specialist at Paragould School District in Arkansas. ACT Aspire results were back and their district had seen incredible success after using Edulastic. This was great news. We decided to dive into the ACT Aspire test results for the state to see which schools were recognized by the state for their achievements. We were blown away! A lot of the schools had been using Edulastic to drive their assessments.
Of course, it’s important to note that the majority of the success comes from the drive and guidance of teachers and school leaders. No matter how big or small a role Edulastic had, we were thrilled to see trends from schools and districts who had Edulastic in their teaching toolbox. We celebrate and recognize their success in this article.
When looking at the Arkansas ACT Aspire test reports, we looked at all the districts in Arkansas who used Edulastic for more than a year. 88% of those districts exceeded the state average in math and 75% exceeded the state average in science.
Then we looked at the achievement growth side. 6 of the top 10 middle schools recognized for math growth and 7 of the top 20 schools recognized for overall growth choose Edulastic as their digital assessment tool.

Specifically,  Paragould School District saw stunning improvements. Paragould was ranked #1 in the state for middle school math growth in the 2018 report. Their 6th graders improved 6 points, and the 8th graders improved 18 points in math, bringing them from below the state average to above the state average

“The Paragould School District was very excited to see the great gains in Mathematics on the 2017-18 ACT-Aspire Exam. The district would not have accomplished this without the help of Edulastic. This will be our second year using Edulastic and we are hoping to see more growth in both Mathematics and Literacy.” said McGowan.

Last year, leading up to spring testing, Paragould prepared students by testing them with our custom SpARK assessmentsA team at Edulastic had designed SpARK to target the high priority skills on the ACT Aspire assessments. To create these assessments, we evaluated the ACT Aspire assessment blueprints and developed a bank of questions that mirrored the high priority skills, depth of knowledge levels, and question type ratio (classic to tech-enhanced) found on the ACT Aspire assessmentsThis targeted library of questions for grades 2 through 11 cover math, ELA, and Next Generation Science Standards and can be custom selected to match the pacing guides of a district.
“Edulastic created tests with technology-enhanced questions for Paragould School District based on certain Arkansas Standards for Mathematics and Literacy.  These tests allowed the district to know which students mastered each of the State Standards. They also allowed the district to start a remediation process for those students in need of help,” McGowan also added when we asked him about Paragould’s success.
We summed up the highlights in the infographic included in this article.
As a member of the Edulastic team, we are excited about the success of the schools, districts, and educators that we partner with! Wishing everyone continued success this year.
If you have exciting achievements or outcomes from using Edulastic, don’t hesitate to reach out and let us know. Or share on Twitter and tag us! We love hearing about your triumphs. Plus, we are always looking to share best practices and ideas that work with the entire Edulastic community.
-Ileana and everyone at Edulastic.
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