Typically when you think of digital assessments, you think about students sitting at their desks taking a quiz or test on their individual Chromebook or iPad. Sixth grade ELA teacher Mindy Newell does things differently. Over the summer, we had the opportunity to interview Mindy to learn all about her innovative and creative use of Edulastic in her classroom. 

Mindy uses Edulastic to get all of her students up, moving, and engaged in their lessons. Her “Stations and Scoots” method has transformed her classroom and school. Step into the classroom with Mindy to learn more: 

Stations and Scoots

Mindy believes that “all students should be engaged at all times.” Stations and Scoots was created with this in mind: she wanted to engage all students in her lesson while providing a fun and interactive learning space. 

As a sixth grade ELA teacher, Mindy is always looking for new ways to engage her students. For Stations and Scoots, Mindy sets up different stations all the way up and down the hallways of her school. Each station includes one question (photographed here) that students answer on Edulastic before heading to the next station. Students work individually, so it is best to space students out throughout the hallways. This interactive activity allows student to stand, move, think, and learn the whole time.

Want to know the best part? Mindy doesn’t have to grade a single question. Mindy explains, “Instead of me printing out 150 worksheets, I decided to use Edulastic because it automatically grades it for me.” 

Mindy typically uses Stations and Scoots at the end of a unit as a way to assess students’ comprehensive understanding of big concepts. Each station is an “application station that requires the students to use something they know and apply it.” This high level thinking is challenging yet fun for the students. That said, this activity could be used for all different types of assessments, from formative to diagnostic.

Mindy is able to save time and immediately put those instant insights to use. Beyond this, her students love the immediate feedback because they can instantly learn and grow from their mistakes. “The students are always asking to do more Stations and Scoots,” says Mindy, “They love being up out of their desks, and I love how every single student is engaged.” 

We are so excited about Mindy’s Stations and Scoots method, and we encourage you to try it in your classroom this year. Thank you for the great idea, Mindy! 

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