Edulastic Enterprise is a powerful way to manage and analytics. Here are 5 reasons you should add it to your school.

As the Edulastic community continues to grow, more and more schools and districts are upgrading to Edulastic Enterprise. But what is Edulastic Enterprise and how could it benefit you and your school? 

Edulastic has three main subscription options: Teacher Free, Teacher Premium, and Edulastic Enterprise. All three subscription options include technology-enhanced assessments, autograded questions, and more. 

There are many reasons schools and districts upgrade to Edulastic Enterprise. Whether you are an enthusiastic teacher who has seen Edulastic work in the classroom, or a school leader who is considering upgrading, here are the top 5 reasons to add Edulastic Enterprise to your school:

1) Teacher Premium for all Teachers

Edulastic Enterprise gives every teacher in your school or district a Teacher Premium account. In addition to the Edulastic item bank and autograding technology, every teacher gets the benefit of collaboration, anti-cheating tools, read-aloud, shuffle questions/answers, present mode, in-depth data reports, rubrics, and more! Giving teachers the power of Teacher Premium let’s them save time and focus on the part of their job they love and do best: teaching. 

2) Districtwide and/or Schoolwide Admin Accounts

Common assessments have never been easier than with Edulastic Enterprise. Director of Education Services David Shimer recalls that within one week, he was “able to get every student across the district logged in, have teachers get an assessment from their students, and get the charts and graphs back in ways that allowed the district to adjust instruction and training.” 

Edulastic Enterprise allows districts to push out a benchmark assessment and get results, providing clarity on student progress. With an admin account, school leadership can easily and instantly track schoolwide or districtwide progress, allowing leaders to better understand which classes are finding success and which classes need more support. By the time state testing comes around, you can feel confident that students have mastered the learning standards they need to know.

3) Districtwide and/or Schoolwide Insights 

The reports that come with Edulastic Enterprise are easy to read and navigate. This makes your job easy when preparing for meetings and presentations. In the Enterprise reports, you can filter students and view student data based on demographics such as gender, FRL status, race, ELL status, and more. Both teachers and school leaders can use this filter to further interpret student data in order to assist and support students and to guide instruction.

4) SIS & LMS Integration

Edulastic Enterprise comes with Student Information System (SIS) and Learning Management System (LMS) integration. We currently integrate with the most common LMSs including Canvas, Schoology, and Google Classroom. We also integrate indirectly with an immense number of SISs including but not limited to: Powerschool, Skyward, Infinite Campus, eSchoolPlus and Aeries, through EdLink, Classlink, OneRoster, or Clever.

With this integration, student and teacher accounts get created and everything gets synced on a nightly basis. Edulastic’s integration systems make learning and information management easier and more efficient for teachers and school leaders alike.

5) Comprehensive Professional Development and Support

With Edulastic Enterprise, each school and district gets special attention. We provide thorough live professional development and many different levels of support. Onsite training, personalized service, and customized webinars for teachers and staff are all available options to get you on the path to success as you roll out Edulastic or onboard your staff.

Beyond this, we have an extensive library of how-to videos, so teachers and staff can access on-demand online training at any time. Our committed team will ensure your Edulastic experience is exceptional!

Edulastic Enterprise Success Stories

Edulastic Enterprise is a powerful way to manage assessments and access robust reports and analytics. The assessment experience gets better for everyone involved when you have more options and insights at your fingertips. But don’t take our word for it! Learn from schools that choose Edulastic Enterprise to drive their digital assessments districtwide. 

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