5 NBT   If you are a math teacher, particularly a 5th grade math teacher, you likely know exactly what this represents: the common core standard of performing math operations with multi digit whole numbers and decimals (Number and Operations in Base Ten).  It is one of the earliest operations where students learn abstract concepts like dividing with decimals to the hundredth and it can be tricky for many at first introduction.  It is no wonder then, that when we look at Google search results, we find thousands of queries per month for 5.NBT, especially 5 NBT.5, -6, and -7.   Our students are clearly divided over division….

The good news is we have almost 30 Edulastic Certified assessments that address this standard, and many other excellent ones submitted by our teacher community.  In total, it equals more than 800 questions specific to 5 NBT.5-7 (at the time of writing 834 to be exact).   That means if you want your students to have a little extra practice you could assign approximately 4.77 NBT questions each day of the school year. (Did you see what we did there:  834 questions divided by 175 school days rounded to the hundredth. Bam….NBT!)

Teaching NBT – An Innovative Take

5.NBT longdivisiondragdrop

Drag and Drop Long Division by Edulastic Innovator Nerissa Gerodias

Can you Accept the Edulastic Challenge?

We know you well enough to know there are at least a few of you who can’t turn down an intellectual challenge.  How about one that could enlighten thousands of elementary students learning division???  If you are up for it, the Edulastic item banks could use a few short assessments featuring division using area models.  

Area Model Graphic

So here is your challenge:

In the creative spirit of Drag and Drop Long Division, create an Edulastic question using “area model” division.  Your assessments can be as simple as one question or as many as ten.  

When you complete this, be sure to mark the assessment as “Public” and drop a line letting us know at jennie@edulastic.com.

Top rated assessments with 5 NBT

The first assessment on this list was published by Edulastic Innovator Team Member, Nerissa Gerodias, who uses the Drag and Drop question type to reinforce the steps in Long Division. It is a different spin on remembering the process and we like it because it is an excellent example of creating a digital solution to represent a traditional concept. It also offers a low-intensity approach to solve a division problem.

5 NBT Practice Assessments

Grade 5 Place Value Operations with Fractions and Decimals
Facebook-Profile-Pic16 questions | NJ Model Curriculum Assessments
Preview  | Access

5.8 Divide Decimals-Test
Facebook-Profile-Pic16 questions | Michael Carla
Preview  | Access

PARCC Beginning of the Year Performance Task
Facebook-Profile-Pic16 questions | Jeffrey Fett
Preview  | Access

NBT Practice for Other Grades

1st Grade:  Standards Practice Test for 1.NBT.A.1
Facebook-Profile-Pic16 questions | Jeffrey Fett
Preview  | Access

3rd Grade: Practice Test 3NBT.A.3
Facebook-Profile-Pic16 questions | Jeffrey Fett
Preview  | Access

4th Grade: Place Value NBT Go Math Quiz
Facebook-Profile-Pic16 questions | Trista Malcom
Preview  | Access

4th Grade: 4NBT.1-2
Facebook-Profile-Pic16 questions | Caitlin Scanlon
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