No matter what subject you teach, one challenge that many teachers relate on is finding ways to get students’ attention. Especially in younger age groups, many students have a very difficult time being quiet and focused when surrounded by friends and peers.

From talking to different teachers throughout our Sunday Spotlight series, we heard many different tactics for quieting the class and ways to get students’ attention. Through this we learned that there’s by no means just one way to do it.

As you can see in the infographic, teachers have different class-quieting techniques from simply counting down to talking in silly accents. Some teachers believe the best way to demand attention from students is to simply wait and let them self-regulate. Others take a more active approach by using a call and response style which can many students find fun and engaging. Some teachers make their attention-getting technique fun and personal. 4th grade teacher Dena Morosin calls out “Denver” when she needs to get her students’ attention and they reply “Broncos!”. Many teachers use the classic techniques of counting down, clapping, or snapping which the students all know means they need to be quiet and listen.

Again, there’s no one way to get students’ attention. Each teacher ought to find a method that feels comfortable and effective for them, because in order to instruct, you are going to have to deal with times when your classroom is noisy and not paying attention!

We’ve compiled some of our favorite quotes in the infographic and separated them into 4 categories of common themes we heard. Take a look, learn from these great teachers, and feel free to borrow a tactic you like to get your students’ attention this year!

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