Mastery Tracking ReportsNo matter what learning objectives, targets, or standards you’re assessing it’s not easy to track student performance. It’s arguably even harder to visualize (and then mend) important learning gaps in a timely manner.

While formative assessment is the best tool at your disposal for checking student learning—you may get more accomplished with real-time analytics on your side.

1. Instant Assignment Performance Reports

Your classes are large, your students are learning at different paces, and now it’s time to move on to the next unit (full of more targets and standards).

How can you manage all of this?

With a web-based app students can instantaneously submit their answers to auto-graded assignments using a laptop or tablet (even a mobile phone). Immediately after students submit their responses you’re greeted with fast data. The moment you click on a student’s card you’ll see their detailed responses on each assessment question—and have the opportunity to give them both high-level and narrative feedback.

Edulastic Assingment Analytics

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2. Real-Time Standards Mastery Reports

Having access to instant (automatically generated) reports—showing real-time progress of core standards that students are mastering—opens a digital window into seeing how your students are progressing over time. Check for standards mastered vs. standards assessed, and drill down into detailed standards performance or individual student results.

Edulastic Standards Mastery Report

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3. Student Mastery Tracking and Intervention

Kerry Gallagher, in Ready for the New School Year? Get on Top of These Four Edtech Teaching Trends, talks about checking student understanding and creating “inventions on the fly” with live analytics.

By accessing individual student mastery reports you can do two key things:

  1. Use both short- and long-term reports to identify tiered interventions.
  2. Easily interpret assessment results to keep your digital instruction on track. This helps you focus on teaching and assessing standards, objectives, or learning targets.
Student Mastery Reports

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We continually improve our reports and we’re looking for new ideas from educators to help them visualize student performance, stay focused on teaching and assessing crucial learning objectives, and leverage technology for effective intervention.

Share your ideas with us at—and they just might become new enhancements and features in the Edulastic app!