The Edulastic Innovator Team

Some of the many educators, principals, and coaches of this year’s Innovator Team.

Announcing the 2016 Edulastic Innovator Team!

Ever since the beginning of Edulastic we have made it a priority to work closely with teachers to ensure that we are creating a tool that would empower them in the classroom. In addition to their regular teaching jobs, the Edulastic Innovator Team works with us to provide product design feedback, and help guide the future of Edulastic.

In conjunction with guiding product development, the Innovator Team supports colleagues and educators in their areas in better understanding how to integrate Edulastic into their teaching.

This year the Edulastic Innovator Team represents 18 states across the United States. With Edulastic officially reaching all 50 states last year, we are extremely excited to be working with such a wide distribution of teachers and administrators.

Interested in learning more or want to apply? Please reach out to Ileana by email at ileana [ at ] edulastic [ dot ] com

Innovator Team Distribution Map

This year’s Innovator Team consists of a great representation of teachers from all over the United States!