A Roundup of Edulastic’s New Features for Teachers

Explore Edulastic’s latest updates designed to enhance the assessment experience with improved AI capabilities, refreshed content, and new insightful reports for the 2023 school year.

Harness the Power of AI with Edulastic’s Question Generator and Assisted Rubric

Discover Edulastic’s AI-powered Question Generator and Assisted Rubrics, and learn how these tools can save time on crafting assessments and grading, allowing for a more personalized and efficient teaching experience.

Uniting Forces for Education: The Transformative Power of Caregiver-Teacher Collaboration

Learn how educators and caregivers can foster dialogue to propel student success with the help of PTA resources.

Introducing Video Quiz: Elevate Your Classroom Engagement and Assessment Game

Streamline your formative assessment approach with Video Quiz – a new video-based assignment format within Edulastic.

Using a Procurement Rubric for Effective EdTech Selection and Data Interoperability

Standardize your procurement process with this rubric to ensure data readiness, interoperability, and alignment of edtech tools with your district’s strategic goals.

Making the Complex Less Complicated: A Systems Design Approach to Fostering Engaging and Enriched Learning Environments

Learn how a system-level approach to edtech implementation can increase student engagement and learning across grade levels.

9 Steps to Data Transparency

Discover how schools can shift from viewing data as daunting to using it as a decisive tool for student success.

How Teachers Use Edulastic to Engage Students in Learning

Discover how educators are harnessing the power of Edulastic for differentiation, data-driven insights, and enhanced student engagement.

Unleashing Classroom Potential with Edulastic’s Live Class Board Feature

Discover how Edulastic’s Live Class Board enables proactive feedback, individualized learning, and fosters a data-aware culture in the classroom.

The Importance of Data Ownership in K-12

Understand the crucial role of data ownership and stewardship in bolstering your school’s operations and overall success with our guide to data ownership for K-12.

Your 10-Step Guide to Data Readiness

Learn how to prepare your school or district for data-driven decision-making with our comprehensive guide.

Making the Most of Summer School With Edulastic

With summer right around the corner, here’s what you need to know to ensure you maximize your engagement time with students.