How Edulastic ILEARN Practice Tests Can Help Students Prepare for Their End of Year Exams

What is ILEARN?

ILEARN is an acronym that stands for Indiana Learning Evaluation Assessment Readiness Network. This is the annual standardized test from the Indiana Department of Education that tests Indiana Academic Standards (IAS). The test aims to measure student achievement and growth across the state of Indiana. This summative exam covers ELA, math, science, social studies, biology, and U.S. government.
Grades 3-8 take the ELA and math tests, while science is only given in grades 4 and 6 and social studies is only given in grade 5. High school students take biology and U.S. government. The ILEARN Indiana test is typically given in the spring, usually in April or May.
It’s important for teachers and students to prepare for ILEARN. To help prepare and to help mitigate the anxiety that comes with any summative exam, teachers can give ILEARN practice tests on Edulastic. These mimic the look and feel of Indiana state tests and help students feel prepared when the official testing day comes around.

Background of Indiana State Test and Transition towards ILEARN

The Indiana Department of Education is “dedicated to providing the highest quality of innovative support to Indiana’s schools, teachers, students, and parents.” With this in mind, Indiana state tests have undergone changes to make sure all students are given the opportunity to demonstrate their abilities in a fair and thorough manner.
Indiana Statewide Tests for Educational Progress-Plus (ISTEP+) was the state test for high school students beginning in grade 10. This accountability assessment has been given in ELA and math since 2014. Now, Indiana DOE has phased out ISTEP+ and is transitioning towards a nationally recognized college entrance exam for high school students and towards ILEARN for the grades and subjects mentioned above.

ILEARN Test Format and Computer Information

ILEARN Indiana is a computer-adaptive assessment. This means that each answer a student gives helps determine the next question they receive. Tests become more or less difficult based on each individual student’s answers. The purpose of adaptive testing is to better measure and understand what each student knows.
ILEARN practice tests are essential to students succeeding on the standards-based, online test. Students should become familiar with the technology they will see on testing day, like the Desmos calculator. The more students practice, the more prepared and confident they will feel, and the better they will do. Here are some essential skills students need to take and succeed on the ILEARN test:

Skills Students Need to Take the ILEARN Test

  1. Familiarity with Technology-Enhanced Items

    Technology-enhanced items (TEIs) are questions given on a computer that assess higher-order analytical skills. In addition to knowing how to answer the content of the question, students need to understand the mechanics of TEIs on the computer – like Drag and Drop, Fill in the Blank, or Graphing – in order to get the question right. Students should practice with TEIs before test day, so they don’t waste a second of time trying to figure out the question type and can fully focus on the question content.
    There are over 50 technology-enhanced items on Edulastic that students can practice with throughout the school year in order to prepare for Indiana state tests. Teachers can assign Indiana released items on Edulastic, so students can practice answering real ILEARN test questions in a similar online environment. In addition, there are fun assessments on Edulastic that teachers can assign to give students additional practice with TEIs.
  2. Keyboarding

    Because Indiana ILEARN tests are given online, it’s essential for students to be familiar with keyboarding and typing skills. Students are often asked to type answers, especially in the ELA ILEARN exam. This means it’s essential for students to understand keyboarding skills, like letter placement, number placement, space bar location, scrolling, delete, and more.
    You can use Edulastic’s Essay question type to practice both short answer or essay responses in class or as outside assignments. Open response question types will also enable students to practice attention to detail when using the keyboard to submit responses. Aside from getting that extra keyboard practice in, typed answers guarantee that student writing will be clearly legible!
  3. Comfort with the Device and Test Navigation

    Schools across Indiana use different devices to take the ILEARN assessment. It is important for students to learn how to use and be familiar with tech devices that will be used during the main assessment. ILEARN practice test offers students the perfect opportunity to interact with gadgets and learn some basic troubleshooting skills as well. The trick is to have students regularly practice using the same gadgets they will use during the official exam.
  4. Stamina to Complete the Test

    Students will take the Indiana ILEARN test for hours at a time. Exposure to working in front of a computer for a lengthy period of time can help them build up the stamina needed to complete the tests.

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